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Saturday, February 3, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Hamilton Township, New Jersey on 2018-01-18 17:20:00 - Flying object bird like that moved like a reptile through the air with primary and secondary wings.

I am retired law enforcement and have had other uap sightings which i have reported to mufon. in the recent past i have experienced uap that resembles natural earthly species of birds that the origin of which is unknown. most recently on or about january 18 2018 at 1720 hours while i was outside on the back porch i observed a large "bird" flying from the e towards the w in the nw quadrant of the sky at an approximate altitude of 200 feet. the sky was mostly cloudy and the visibility was clear and unlimited. it was at an approximate elevation of 25 degrees. i am a student of nature, science, space, military and aviation in particular. i am familiar with anything that moves around us in our natural habitat. this flying object resembled a bird. it portrayed the flight characteristic of a bird as it had a set of primary wings mid span of its body. what stood out was it had a secondary set of smaller wings at the end of it's body. they flapped in tandem at the same rate as the large thin primary wings. the body was slender and long. it had no discernable head or beak. no underpinnings like legs or feet were present. it looked like a skinny b-29. but the body of this uap was thin like a snake. the wings were very thin and long. it moved at times like a eel or snake as it adjusted it's flight path up and down or to the left at slight increments. it was a gull grey in color with no variation across it. i got up and moved through the yard to follow it as it was unnerving and unfamiliar. i followed it above and through the surrounding neighborhood trees and lost sight of it about 30 seconds later. this uap was not a terrestrial object. it did not move in a mechanical fashion and it was very fluid like in it's motion like a live natural creature. it moved through the air much like a sea born creature would move through the water in my opinion. i would estimate the very thin body was at the minimum 10 feet long as were the very thin main wings. the tail wings were about a quarter size of the main wings. this was not any natural earthly flying creature.

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Credit: MUFON

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