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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Greenfield, California on 2013-06-21 23:48:00 - Black triangle appeared out of nowhere right in front of my eyes the slowly hoovered over my house

This happened about 5 years ago but i still remember it like it was yesterday. i was in my room on the second floor of my house,my wife was laying on the bed watching tv and i was looking out the window,with my forearms on the window with my head sticking out i get a good view of the sky and just pryor to that i was watching a few videos on how to remote view and in a way i was trying to see if i could make some kind of contact now i'm not saying that because of remote viewing i had this experience but it could be a factor.Now as i was looking out my window for about 30 min out of nowhere a black triangle appeared right in front of me right above a tree we have in front and it's about the size of our roof if not smaller and this thing was right above that so it was close,at first my brain was trying to figure out if it was a blimp,plane idk anything but quickly realized it was none of those things..It made no noise it was so black i could just see the shape of the lights and the craft but no detail to it as if it was all one peice of material.The lights looked l shapped and they kind of over lapped each other..It had these lights on each corner of the craft..When it went directly above me they almost looked like x's and the light looked like no other light i've seen before i mean it was white but a white i've never seen before..It's not like the light we see when we turn on a light bulb..So as it hoovered over my house i leaned out as far as i could unroll i couldn't see it anymore then i ran out but it was gone

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Credit: MUFON

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