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Thursday, February 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on 1977-08-31 00:00:00 - Noticed craft from my car; i stopped car and watched it for about twenty minutes

I had gotten off of work and was driving home on country club road. it was a beautiful day with a sunny blue sky.I was approaching the stop light at the intersection of country club and stratford road and slowed down to stop, as the light had turned red.As i looked to my right, i saw a huge green object that was sitting on the ground in a grassy meadow, about a hundred feet from me. the green colour was so unusual, more like a bright neon green, that it was easy to notice it. because it was so bright, i pulled over to the side of the road and just sat there, watching. it was huge and the most beautiful green, a shade of green that i have never seen before. after minutes of watching, at least five minutes of just being astonished, i observed the cars on the road continuing their ride to or from work. at least thirty cars passed within 20 feet of the object without interruption. eventually, there were two or three other cars that did stop at various locations, pulling off to the side. at least one car's occupants got out and looked in the direction of the sitting ufo. i decided to get out of the car, resting my arms on the top of the car and continued to watch. cars were still zipping past,unaffected by the site of the huge, green object. the couple who did stop and were standing watching remained for the duration of time that i was there. they were fifty feet from me and were between myself and the object. they were about thirty feet from the ufo. i was in wonder that more cars did not stop...Did they not see it as i and some others did? after a few more minutes of questioning myself about what i was looking at,a feeling or "voice" told me to "move along", that everything was alright and nothing to be concerned about...No one was in danger and there is no threat to anyone. i got back to the inside of my car and looked for a brief second or two at the object. i then pulled back into the driving lane, obeying the "voice", and proceeded heading home. i was numb, but arrived home safely. this is the first time that i have told the story in a public way, only confiding it to my wife and a close friend. i tell the story now because i hope that someone, in those other cars that stopped, would also come forward. i believe that it was a special event and significant.

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Credit: MUFON

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