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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bellinzona, Ticino on 2018-02-06 19:40:00 - Hovered at same place, then turned slightly to left, flew abruptly fast to south, hovered again, and descended unnaturally quick to a hill

After my dinner with my wife at home , i decided to take a short walk after eating for support my stomachs degistion. as i was almost done with my walk, about 200 meters away from my house i decided to look into the sky to see if there were any starts visible, as it was already dark. i saw 4 lights in the sky at the very same spot and everywhere else nothing than darkness. this 4 lights were forming a shape like the 2nd class star destroyers from star wars. one white light was on the nose of the spacecraft. 2 white lights on the end of the outer sides (like wings) and one at the end. this lights were hovering for about 1 minutes but 2 of them became red during hovering. after all for lights started to move the „spacecraft“ a bit to the left . after one light after an other started to fly away quickly behind a mountain and soon all 4 lights disappeared. i got a gooseskin as it seemed unnatural for me and i couldnt hear any engine noise at all. i worked in military for airdefense forces and i was trained to identify even in darkness aircrafts of all different countries within 2 seconds. but something like this i never saw before. it wasnt a drone, a helicopter, and airplane, or gliders for sure. as the lights disappeared behind the mountain i continued to walk home and about 1 minute after they came again from behind the mountain and started to hover again for about 30 seconds. during that moment an airplane from my right was flying towards me and i recognized immediately this civil single engine aircraft by its lights and i even heard engine noises. but that other lights didnt make any noises at all. they were still hovering and at once one after another went into such a fast descent , that it was unnatural how quick that descent was. even a falling stone from the sky would fall slower. i couldnt see a landing bcs during thos approach the lights went down behind some high buildings and i couldnt follow them. i was staying there and waiting if the lights would come again but i didnt see them anymore. i also checked the next military airport tower. i listened to the radio to see if there is any radio communications from pilots around the airport, but frequenzy was all evening completely noiseless. i asked myself if im crazy because of what ive witnessed but im 100% sure that what i saw cant be just immagination. it was real! and i have no explanation at all...

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Credit: MUFON

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