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Monday, February 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Nags Head, North Carolina on 2011-03-01 02:45:00 - At the beach one night had fireball go over head. after incident had visitations.

My husband and i were at the beach one night, admiring the stars. having a romantic night. then we started to notice unexplainable movements amongst lights & stars moving in ways we had never seen before. it was so bizarre to us. then we heard jets. it looked like stars chasing stars, but sounded like jets. we decided to just go home, it was late. all the sudden walking to our truck, discussing what we had just witnessed, my husband grabbed me and threw me down in the sand. within that second i looked up and a fireball went literally right over top of our heads. since this event, i have developed strong psychic empath abilities. my husband and i share a telepathic communication. i personally have been visited through what seems to be dreams, but they leave me wondering if it was real. also, this is very embarrassing to write but on two occasions i have seen them on top of me, sexually. once was when i was just waking up, it was a dark grayish dwarf sized mist. other time was in a dream but i felt a pressure ( in my area) when i woke up. we were in this room that looked like it was made of sheet metal a little larger than the size if drywall, put together by these weird large screws. these screws made a pattern of sorts on the walls. very weird & hard to explain. ever since the night at the beach took place, it has changed my life. it has changed my marriage ( for the better ) emotionally. we still find it fascinating some nights during certain moon phases to look towards the east where the ocean is and watch the lights. doesn't happen all the time, but we still wonder and look to the stars.

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Credit: MUFON

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