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Monday, February 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Georgia on 2017-09-12 05:30:00 - At first thought it was a star but then saw its beam of light change direction blew my fucking mind really watched from 530 am till 845am

Was in culloden ga 530 am taking the ole lady to watch the deer come feed when i noticed what i thought was a star the beam of light change direction of course i had the ole lady check for jus to make sure the eyes weren’t playing tricks on me we watched it at i’d say 150 yards away come down to earth not land but connect or hook up to something an watched it pull something in the shape of an l which by the way the whatever the fuck it was was having a difficult time at first lots of yanking an snatching now before the sun started to appear u could make out what it had picked up but after the sun was up it’s like it vanished an all u could see was a silver grey metallic looking object going off into the sky as if u had let a balloon go while watching there was another object that flew by an i’d mayb every 50-100 yards five lights would flash on the bottom i’ve done some studying on my own an i mean it’s hard to explain this to anyone cause everyone like wtf were u on bro but it’s real an i may had took to much of a likening to it by watching every ite for atleast 4 months an it absolutely blew my mind i kno of three places in south ga where i go an watch them come out of the ground an i’m talking all different kinds of objects i’ve been as close as 10 feet i like to get up close so i kno what i’m looking at itl blow ur mind i mean jus think of recoding a video an when u press stop the video is automatically deleted now how the fuck whatever thoses things are know what my phone is doing idk but yes i would love to sho someone what i see not jus every now an then i’m talking about every fucking day keep it real cause they are real

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Credit: MUFON

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