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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in NZ on 2017-03-14 19:30:00 - Propulsion system seemed to also be an accelerator with coloured orbs that shot out of the ship. ship hovered, didn't land

A group of particle physicists and geneticists have created a spacecraft and are currently residing in space.They are running an extermination program for people they don't want on this planet. i am being hunted by the spacecraft,it is black, triangular and larger than a stadium. they have a particle accelerator beam aimed at the earth, they can aim it at more than 1 person at a time. the beam is cold, translucent in appearance, contains a magnetic field, can travel long distances in seconds.They use the beam to excite and accelerate the particles in your body that produce chemical reactions (convulsions), before extracting heat,light (particles) and charge.Convulsions are electrical reactions. they are constantly extracting me everyday, if it continues, my vital functions will shut down. convulsions create a magnetic field around the body, because they have taken too many convulsions and have weakened them, i also have a weak magnetic field.Consequently the fields of other people are now able to extract my convulsions like the beam.Examples of convulsions taken - convulsions from the heart and brain. this is a chemical reaction and people have no idea they are doing it, even when you try to tell them - in order to get assistance. when you don't have enough convulsions and convulse weakly, people don't believe anything you say and don't want to help (as their chemical convulsions respond to your own convulsions like a scent, wireless message) their behaviors become predatory, some will chase you, remove your property. due to having a weakened field, i can't be around any living thing with a field, which is impossible where i live.If someone could suggest a particle physicist and bioengineer who could make a suit resistant to accelerated particle fields with convulsive neurocircuits and a magnetic field inside it, it would be much appreciated.If anyone knows of someone who could create a magnetic field to put over a living space, it would be much appreciated also. i also require a geneticist to (along with a physicist) to repair the damage done to my body and make me convulsive again. my condition can be proven with a heart and brain monitor, a device that senses and monitors particles in the body and the environment including convulsions (can compare convulsions of another person and myself). if you were to set the equipment up with me and another person, you would instantly see that my particles are being extracted by their field.

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Credit: MUFON

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