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Friday, February 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 2012-05-10 20:30:00 - White grey wing shaped craft with circles on front, caused right frontal cortex to swell as passed over house across the street from porch i was on, also asked to see a ufo the 1 hour later this encounter

Was sitting on porch smoking a cigarette when i say out loud "man it would be cool to see s ufo" went inside came back out 1 hour later, sat down lit my cig and looked up to see a wing shaped craft slowly gliding over the house across from me into my sight above the roof. it appeared to have what looked like circles or paint cans along the side coming towards me 4 of them evenly placed. as i was watching it fly over the house across the street it was like i had to focus my eyes to keep it in view like it was vanishing like a cloud sort of, i felt like i had to concentrate to keep it from disappearing, and the harder i focused on it the more of it's shape i could see, then i noticed that my right frontal cortex above my eye was swelling as if a migraine was coming on, they pain intensified the harder i concentrated on the craft, as i'm struggling to keep this thing in sight on the street out of the corner of my eye a white car pulled aburptly onto my street, stopped imeaditly went into reverse and pulled off, then the craft went over my house and out of sight, soon as i couldn't see it anymore the pain in my brain stopped. the next morning when i got out of bed soon as i stood up it felt like i was stabbed in both sides of my back with this horrible pain that lasted for 2 and a half days untill i was so concerned i went to the hospital and soon as the doctor started to examine me the pain left. it was hurting then as she touched me and asked does it hurt here i had to say no because the pain left right then. i made no mention of the encounter to the hospital.

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Credit: MUFON

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