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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Hamilton, Montana on 2002-03-31 00:00:00 - Undefined object passed slowly overhead with no enviornmental impact.

I am over 80 yra currently. was about 70 at the time. experienced in close assoc with both recip and jet aircraft. my property has both residence and shop w/computer in shop. when unable to sleep due to neuropathy would go out to shop to use puter. distance between the two approx. 35 yds on level area. house oriented e/w for solar gain and shop n/s of necessity (relevance will become apparent). all senses fully functional and drug free. no glasses req'd for distance vision. i was raised on a military installation that developed guided missiles/rockets and am comfortable/familiar with that environment. the few people i related this to gave me "that look" so i just stopped saying anything to anyone. my spouse believed me, she is now dec'd. it is my desire to have this event reported somewhere that it will be a lasting matter of record. so, right or wrong it is being left with you. transcription: being unable to sleep i'd gone over to thee shop to use the puter and feeling sleepy again had shut everything down and exited the building/closing the door. as was my standard practice, critter country, i stood for a time (est approx. 10 min) to allow my night vision to return survey the area and savor the experience. there is no finer experience! moonless night. my place is located on a hillside at approx. 4,500' elevation. looking up at the stars (always such a sight) and looking w. across the valley (approx. 1.5 miles) toward a locally prominent mountain (max elev approx. 11k). i saw a "hole" in the stars that didn't belong. looking further at it i saw 3 small but distinctive lights moving toward me in fixed relationships describing what would be a triangle or dart shape that seemed to be moving directly toward me. at the time it might have been just w. of the opposite side of the valley the front (point?) light disappeared. a moment or two later the furthermost light on what was my left disappeared and almost immediately reappeared on what was my right side in close proximity to the other light. it then passed the other light and then it turned back toward the left, disappeared once more and reappeared on the left side. there was no change in intensity and all movements were smooth. the front light either remained out or was obscured. as it moved toward me the distance between the rear lights increased for a short time and then disappeared. narrative incomplete!

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Credit: MUFON

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