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Saturday, February 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Stevensville, Michigan on 1985-05-15 00:00:00 - Ufo seen hovering during the day, very near and very detailed.

I was a child at the time of this event, 7-8 years old. my family was poor and at that time we have not heard of ufo's. my mother was out doing laundry and i was walking by my hallway window. the window was about head height with me at the time. i remember walking by the window and glimpsing out, thinking nothing i kept walking. something brought my attention back to the window and i walked back and looked out. it was daylight around noon this event happened. here was my thought pattern being young, i thought a plane was crashing at first because it was so low to the ground. the object was not moving though, once my initial fear of the object waned, i began to explore it with my eyes. this was the middle of the day, the object had no lights on it. the detail was amazing, it was not flat like the pictures we see now of ufo's. the sides of the craft had a lot of pattern, i compare it now to the images the film "independence day" in my head now. the top and bottom were the normal round, typical disc. the craft had windows on it with what appeared to be little people walking in and looking out the window. now i can compare the image of your "gray" alien to them. the craft made this humming sound.. hmmmmm, hmmmmm in very even intervals. the next part is the part that scared me for years after. while watching this small gray being in one of the windows, i heard inside my head, danger. i immediately became fearful ducked out of sight of the craft. as soon as i ducked, a bright light shot inside the window where i was standing. i could hear the hmmm, hmmm get louder and more intense like it was getting closer. the light appeared to be moving closer to me, and in my head i heard, do not let the light touch you it is bad. the whole event only lasted a few minutes, then the light and the noise were gone. i stayed huddled under the window for a very long time before i even had the courage to move. eventually i did look out the window and nothing was there. i am older now and still remember the event like yesterday. i am sorry i do not have any proof of what happened, but i have been looking for a place to tell my story. i do not want any fame, money, prefer no phone calls, emails etc. i am not looking for truth. what i know for sure since i was a young boy, we are not alone in this universe and aliens are here. this has changed my life dramatically. i remain religious and have no idea how aliens play a role in god's universe, but i know they are here without a doubt. i have one wish, in my lifetime, i would like the government to tell us what they know, good or bad. i have so many questions, it is unbelievable. i know we are not alone, why keep the secret? it has changed my life for the better 10,000 fold. the normal hate/predujice(spelling) that humans have for one another, i have never experienced, (i still dislike mean/close minded people, but they come in all sizes and colors) because i know in the end we are just "humans" in a greater scheme of the universe. maybe not everyone will adjust to the knowledge like i did, but the truth needs to come out. i wish everyone could have an experience like this, it is life changing.

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Credit: MUFON

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