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Friday, February 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Richland Hills, Texas on 2018-01-31 05:40:00 - Two objects appeared near moon during the lunar eclipse in january 2018.

i was going to take pictures of the lunar eclipse on the morning of january 31st, 2018. i took a few pictures at the beginning of the eclipse i think it was around 5:30 or so a.M. central us time. when looking at the moon without the camera or even with the camera, i didn't see anything but the moon. however, when i looked at the photos afterward i saw it. i took a total of 8 or 10 shots at the beginning of the eclipse. in one of the shots and i believe it was the last one of the series, the object i saw the others was in it i think off to the far right but on the left upper side of the moon there were 3d shapes or boomerang shaped objects and coming away from the moon that would have been on the northwest side of it. the middle of the three objects was bright like it was reflecting light but the other two were darker. the other object on the far right of that same photograph is sort of oval shape you only not perfect it's like a rock would look. all the photos that i took contained that object only instead of being like a problem with the lens which i first thought when i looked at it, it's like it moved in some photos it's all on one side of the moon and it's closer to the moon and another zits is much further away on a different side. that outage was a real dull dark gray color. the thing is all these things i saw on the photographs you couldn't really see them until you like move your fingers apart and make it zoom in on the picture. except for the one that also has the three boomerang shaped objects you can sort of see the white of bright light or reflected light on the photograph without zooming in. the others you have to zoom in and look around to see the gray rock thing. another point is i may have turned the camera phone from horizontal to vertical but if that isn't enough to explain the movement of the grey rock especially when it was closed and then far away from the moon. my phone is a galaxy samsung galaxy prime core in older phone. also i uploaded the photos to dropbox.

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Credit: MUFON

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