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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Clear Lake, Indiana on 1988-06-18 00:00:00 - Observed object going to the east, odd looking.,incredible rate of speed.Not a shooting star.Two to three minutes later going west , now with a v shaped squadron of jets 5 to be exact in pursuit

My son, his friend and myself were going to my uncles cabin in clear lake indiana, around june 20th of 1988.We were driving from the detroit suburbs, we arrived around 1130 pm.The cottage was 30 yards from the water, the boys were out on the dock looking at the sky, it was a beautiful summer night.I was unloading the car, my son yelled to me dad come quick,i had to run down a small incline and out to the dock, that went about 10 feet out in the water.My son said there is something that just flew in the sky at an incredible speed we cant explain,it would have been in an easterly direction. now when i got there i saw nothing, but we just stood there looking upward at the sky for maybe 10 minutes, beautiful summer night etc.Well i was thinking lets wrap this night up, then from right to left going at a mind boggling speed this object flew in front of are eyes, now in my lifetime i have seen blue fireballs in the tampa florida area, shooting stars, and in oregon in 1973 the comet spelled with a k, cant prononce it.This was none of those things.In maybe a 10 second time period there comes a squadron of 5 jets , in a v formation, in pursuit, now this whole sequence lasted maybe 15 seconds, i would swear on a stack of bibles to what the 3 of us saw. are reactions to this were did we just see this event,know one will believe us,and this is really, really cool.We lost sight because it was going upward, on an angle, the jets they just flew out of our sight eventually.The next i didnt think to call a airforce base or anything like that, or even ask anybody on the water if they saw anything.I just can say this this event is still clear in my mind,and my son and i still bring this sighting up to one another.

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Credit: MUFON

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