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Monday, February 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Duncan, British Columbia on 2000-11-15 23:15:00 - A satellite that wasn't

I've been wishing for some sort of closure on this event, maybe i can find it here. was late november or early december 2000, witnessed only by myself (murphy's law) at my then residence roughly 10 km west of duncan, bc. it was a clear winter night, not a cloud in the sky. very little light pollution from surrounding towns and cities and it made for gorgeous star gazing. a black sky with bright stars everywhere. i was about to head to bed and went outside for a final cigarette. i turned off my porch light as i enjoy watching for passing satellites at night, and the light would hinder that. so with the lights out, i stepped outside and lit a smoke and looked up...Waiting. i knew it wouldn't be long before at least one satellite started cruising across the sky. i was not disappointed. a few minutes went by before i first noticed... "it". at first it appeared to be just a run of the mill satellite, lazily sliding across the sky from the north'ish, heading south roughly. cool. it was moving at a constant speed as far as i could tell, and a fixed trajectory. after all why wouldn't it? it was a satellite as far as i could tell, and these things don't change course or velocity. that perception was about to change very rapidly for me. directly above my cottage that night was the constellation orion, and it's "belt" perfectly centered over my head as i looked up. the belt that night was roughly orientated nnw to sse. so i'm standing there having my smoke and watching this little point of light begin to pass through orion, paralleling the belt and just above it (from my perspective). i'm craning my neck to watch as it's passing directly overtop of my position, straight above me. so orion is above me and this object is travelling from right to left (north to south). as it passes the first star in orion's belt, it quickly and suddenly begins to slow down coming to a stop just past the 2nd star in the belt. the moment it stops, i lose sight of it among the vast blanket of stars in the sky. it's there, i'm sure, but it's now indiscernible from any star in the sky. so i start looking forward along it's trajectory, clearly i must have blinked and lost it. satellites do not and can not just stop like that... i've missed something. i look to where it should be, nothing. i look back to the belt, nothing. "the hell?" i think out loud. where did it go? i decide to keep watching the belt, knowing that satellites don't just slow and stop like that. but that's what it appeared to have done... it must be there. a minute or so goes by and suddenly one of the "stars" over orion's belt starts to move. gotcha! it quickly accelerates to it's previous velocity and then begins to alter course, with a nice 180 degree turn so it's now under the belt and heading back the way it came. almost as soon as it's finished the about-face, it starts to slow down again and stops just under the 1st star in the belt. again, i lose it against the backdrop of the night sky. then it beings accelerating and doing another 180 turn back to it's original track... and immediately starts slowing down yet again so a stop. and almost as soon as it's stops moving, it's going again. this time with no acceleration, just motionless and then moving... like a billiard ball hit by a cue. it doesn't move far, up and thru orion's belt and then as fast as it started off, it comes to a sudden dead stop. at this point it's course has made a funny figure 8 thought orion's belt from my perspective. also at this point i become utterly horrified by what i'm seeing. i know that what i'm seeing is technically impossible, yet there it is. every hair on my body stands on end and i get overwhelmed with terror. and this was just it's thing's opening act... a few minutes passed and nothing happened. i looked around the sky again thinking maybe i'd lost track of it, and fixing my view on the belt every so often. then one "star" above the belt where i lost sight of it started getting brighter. the cigarette in my mouth fell to the ground. it grew brighter and brighter until it was the brightest point of light in the sky by a large margin. suddenly it rocketed across the sky at a speed that defies words. it did not accelerate, it was just still... then moving at a horrific speed. and it came to an equally horrific dead-stop to the north just above the horizon. it moved without sound, and no tail like a comet. when it stopped, again i lost track of it. given it was now on the horizon where night time stars are almost impossible to see, it's no wonder. but about a minute later there appeared a star, a point of light at least, growing brighter and brighter by the second. and again even on the horizon it grew so bright that it became the brightest thing in the sky. once again it defied physics and soared from horizon to horizon in roughly one second. a burst of speed so phenomenal that my eyes had a hard time tracking it across the sky. no comet tail, no sound. just a point of light moving at terrifying speed. it came to a dead stop without deceleration on the southern horizon. and almost immediately it again began to get brighter and brighter. until it was yet again the brightest point of light in the sky. i was expecting another burst of speed, but instead it just blinked out of view. it was there one moment, the next it vanished. gone. i stayed out for quite a while after, hoping it would return or maybe i'd hear a delayed sound, were it within the atmosphere. it did't return, no sounds were heard. it had to be outside the atmosphere in orbit. i have no idea what i witnessed that night. all i can surmise is that it must have been in orbit, and it maneuvered in a way that would at least liquefy, if not vaporize, any substance know to humanity. what i witnessed is impossible... yet i saw it. can someone help me... what did i see? a "ufo"? a military vehicle? both, or neither? i'm at a loss.

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Credit: MUFON

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