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Sunday, February 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Albany, New York on 1970-07-10 20:02:00 - A bnuch of us saw a ufo that ended scaring usl

We were at a summer camp(camp hi_rock 0perated by the ymca of bridgeport conn. we were after dark sitting at the edge of the lake;,one of the boys(there were 3 counselors and about 20-24 boys). we were talking about what we had done that day. one of the boys borrowed my 5-duracell flashlight and started blinking it at some airplanes at an airport some distance away . there were 3 ranges of hills or mountains between where we were and the airport. after a couple of minutes, the boy said one of the lights was coming in our direction. we saw the light reflected off the 1st line of mountains. we did not hear anything. the light came over the 2nd and still no sound. we started to get scared, when al the animal and insect sounds a t night stopped. all of us headed to the activities building 30 yards behind us. as the counselors got to the biulding with the boys in front of us , the ufo went over us!! the next morning we asked one of the rangers at the camp, how high the average trees were tall. the ranger said they were 125 feet tall. the saucer that went over was wider than the trees were tall. we also called the airport(we pooled our change tuse a pay-phone that was at the camp) and asked for the control tower at the airport. we got one of the control people did you have anything unusual happen during the night. he said that they had an un-identified radar return headed west at 600 miles per hour, we said we saw it!!!!!!!!!!!! and then we thanked him.

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Credit: MUFON

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