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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Brandon, Mississippi on 2009-06-01 21:00:00 - Observed object i thought was a low flying plane or helicopter from car but it wasn't.

I was on whitfield road in a bend in the road between tara road and the bethel baptist church just outside downtown brandon,ms in my car alone going to a friends house around 9 or 10 i suppose at night. when going through the corner i noticed a low pulsing light that i first thought was stationary or just moving super slow that was a single solid color and not like what you normally see with airplanes or helicopters. i live near enough to the airport to have seen aircraft my whole life day and night and so the unusual color and size and rate of pulsing was confusing and caught my eye. i noticed it was low and not going very fast too, which made me slow my car down, roll the window down and come to a stop to listen to see if it was a prop plane or a helicopter or whatever because im thinking whats this airplane or helicopter doing. my car was still running by the time it got almost overhead so i cut the engine and when i did, i noticed there was no sound coming from it. i could see no wingtip lights or strobes, it looked like an oval or ball kind of shrouded in the light and invisible when the light was in the low output phase of it cycling from bright to not bright. when it was full bright it was somewhat hazy and i could not define any wings, landing gear, prop, nose, tail, rotors or anything that would be normally recognizable as a common aircraft. it was low to the ground moving slowly, maybe 300 feet max above the ground. i watched it till it passed over the road and my car and till it go out of my field of view when trees on the other side of the road began to obstruct it. it was moving at what i would guess to be maybe 50mph. it moved from south to north and i was traveling south on whitfield road on my way to 468 then to 469 to head down to my friends. i was very confused and thought what the heck was that. i thought i had just seen a ufo because i sure didn't know what it was, but even my conclusion was and has been hard to rationalize.

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Credit: MUFON

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