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Sunday, February 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Manchester, England on 1988-02-03 21:18:00 - Three green jet-like trails traveled faster than mach 5 from north to se, while turning

I was sitting watching the sky (i had my first ufo sighting a week or so ago) looking for anything out of ordinary. i saw three green, what looked like jet trails, zip almost right overhead, coming from the north heading south. they were traveling in triangle formation, middle light at the front. they traveled at what must have been way over mach 5, and were banking south east. i believe that they are using cloud cover to move undetected, and when there's a break in the clouds, that's when you're most likely to spot them. this is the second ufo sighting i've had within a month, and now i know... most of the videos on the net are just nothing like the truth, when you see it for yourself, they're fast, they're obvious, there's no mistaking it. either i'm hallucinating, or i saw two separate events, both clear as day, that mean we're not alone or the army has some new kinda of propulsion tech. i'm floored. i'm an agnostic/athiest, i'm not stupid enough to not realise it may have been some kind of madness i'm experiencing. but with these two sightings being the only times i've ever had visual anomolies, i'm know it was real. i'm scared. p.S. don't give us dropdown for colour, etc, because it doesn't give us enough freedom to accurately describe what we saw. e.G. the height drop down, it moved, it was exactly at cloud level, you don't have an option for that.

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Credit: MUFON

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