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Friday, February 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in West Kilbride, Scotland on 2017-10-03 22:10:00 - Multiple bright white lights shimmering and dancing about the sky

I was walking up my street to my house with my then pregnant ex girlfriend coming back from the shops, it was about 10pm, then we noticed multiple bright white lights (about 16 of them) dancing and shimmering and moving about the sky. it was really weird and at first it reminded me of something i'd seen when i was younger, when i was about 10 a nightclub was opening near where i lived and for their opening night they pointed a strong strobe light at the sky which gave the impression of some sort of craft spinning in the sky. that event was even in the local newspapers at the time saying many locals had been shocked and confused as the lights from the new nightclub's opening night were mistaken for a ufo. i then thought it was maybe someone pointing something out their window, some sort of toy or something but the longer we stared at it dumbfounded the more it was becoming apparent that what we were seeing was not of this world or known to science. it appeared to be intelligently controlled but more than that it appeared to be independent, more like an energy than a craft. it was so bizarre yet it was one of the most beautiful and amazing things i have ever seen. there were about 16 small lights all moving about, jostling, dancing and as daft as this sounds there was something mischievous about the way they moved about. they would be waltzing about each other then one would shoot out then move back in to the main cluster. the biggest difference between what i seen when i was younger and this was the human made light machine all the lights moved in sync but these things we seen all moved about independently. as we walked up my street the lights which were probably about no more than 30 metres above the ground moved away from us down the street. it could have been coincidence and the lights could have been going that way anyway but as we moved towards them they moved away from us. we got to my door and the lights had moved to beyond the bottom of my street and were above a clearing of trees. we stood at my door and were treated to a beautiful display of these lights dancing and shimmering in the night sky. my girlfriend agreed that it was amazing and beautiful and she also had no idea what it was though she was a little frightened by it, i think probably just the unknown aspect of it. i felt the opposite, i felt that it was benevolent and it made me feel at ease. after watching it for about 10 minutes the lights started to disappear one and two at a time, when there was about 10 left a much bigger white light just appeared out of the blue and the smaller lights started to go into the bigger one. it got down to about 4 or 5 small lights left dancing about for another few minutes then they went into the bigger light and the bigger one over the space of about a minute got bigger and brighter then just disappeared. just like that it was gone. my girlfriend and i couldn't believe what we had seen, we went into my house and spoke about it all night while i stayed glued to the window hoping to catch another glimpse. we just couldn't work out what it was but both agreed it was intelligent and probably an energy but maybe a craft of some sort. we didn't think it could be man made therefore wouldn't be secret military technology. i believed in ufos beforehand but this experience definitely cemented my belief, there is no doubt in my mind now that extraterrestrial and/or inter dimensional intelligences are visiting this planet. it kind of frustrated me at 1st because i always thought that if i ever seen a ufo it would be a nuts and bolts craft but as this was lights its much harder for me to comprehend what it was. though now i am just grateful to have witnessed it. i'm glad my ex girlfriend was there as i would probably doubt myself and explain it away if it was just me who seen it. i think it is worth mentioning that this happened just above and near a wind farm and was about 30 minutes away from a nuclear power station. i don't know how relevant that is but i think its worth mentioning. also less than 2 weeks later though i think it could have been under a week later the british army conducted military training excercises off the west coast of scotland, very close to where i live and where this happened. i don't think there's any significance in this as i think the drills had been planned long before this date. the full event lasted about 15 minutes. it is mine and my ex girlfriends 1st and only sighting. we shared a phone at the time and had left it in the house we didn't get any pictures. obviously i prefer people to believe me but if they don't then that's up to them. i have seen 2 videos of similar ufos online but different in the fact that the ones i seen all moved about whereas the ones online are all static and flashing on and off etc. it was the most beautiful and amazing thing i've ever seen.

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Credit: MUFON

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