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Sunday, February 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai on 2018-01-24 00:00:00 - A hovering object upper silver, lower gold, with two spinning objects moving around it

My daughter and i were walking back to chiang mai from wat pha lat temple on jan 24th 2018. it was around midday. there was a half-moon in the sky, and i noticed that there was something in the sky near it. it was about a quarter the size of the moon. through binoculars it appeared to be in two attached parts, a silver sphere above and a gold distorted sphere below. it was completely stationary, and i thought it must be a hot air balloon, or a blimp, maybe some kind of buddha figure considering where we were, and the gold colour. however my daughter thought it was too high for a hot air balloon, and also said that there were two flashing lights near it. through the binoculars, the flashing lights showed three equally spaced arms and were rotating slowly, the rotation causing the flashing as the arms caught the sun. in apparent size, they were half to a quarter of the blimp-thing. we watched for a few minutes, as these objects circled the blimp-thing a couple of times, then they moved away, and disappeared. the blimp-thing was still there, stationary. it was doing nothing so we then stopped looking, carried on walking and stopped for lunch. we left 30 minutes to an hour later. i looked towards the moon and around the sky, and the object was no longer visible. i would have dismissed the blimp-thing as a balloon, except for the two circling lights. i have no idea what we had seen. we both had phones but neither of us thought to try to take a photo. some military planes flew over the area, i think it was the day before.

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Credit: MUFON

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