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Sunday, February 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Derry, Pennsylvania on 2018-02-09 23:18:00 - Semi-diamond shaped object with huge bright lights ranging in color, what appeared to be an enormous spotlight . hovering above powerlines/tree lines. i'm shaken

I saw a very bright light in the sky, at first i truly thought it was a plane. as the object got closer the light's and object became brighter and larger in size. it looked like an enormous spotlight in the sky, heading towards us. it moved fast until it came close to use the it moved almost in slow motion until i stopped in the middle of the road, just staring at it. i then pulled into the gas station, and was telling at my husband to grab my phone and record . repeatedly asking him "what is that"? what is that?? i could see the entire underneath of it. it was a semi- diamond shaped object. i say semi because it wasn't exactly a diamond shape. under the object there were dozens of florescent lights, ranging in color. blue, green, red, and orange lights.. underneath there was a semi circle of lights blue and red. around the semi circle was a shape of a diamond or square depending on the viewpoint. the lights outlining the square/diamond shape underneath were green and orange in color. i am a person of sound mind, but this had me completely shaken. i was screaming at my husband, and honestly thought i was going insane.. never in my life have i seen anything like this. ever. there's not a soul in this world that can tell me, nor convince me that this was a plane. it appeared to be 8 times bigger than any plane i've ever seen in my life. i am still very confused, and shaken over this. i will never in my life, forget this experience. for it has made me really think, over and over..... what did i see in the sky that night???!

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Credit: MUFON

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