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Sunday, February 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fort Bragg, California on 2018-02-10 19:01:00 - Saw 5 orb type ufos, the big one i’m reporting flew right over my head, got photos

I see these orb ufos all the time. usually it’s more occasional but since the end of january 2018 i have seen them every night with the exception of clouds or rain. every clear night i see between 1 and 10 of these and occasionally i will see other craft, whether unexplainable or man-made, such as helicopters or large fast planes or jets. following is an excerpt from my ufo log i've been keeping for the last 5-6 years. feb 10 6:20-9 pm - approx 5 seen 6:20- one large orb came from top of orion to the north, caught sight of it just before it disappeared. saw 2 more small ones. then from the west at about 7:01-7:05 saw very large orb, yellowish color, no blinking, came straight toward me to the southeast. flew right over my head!!!! that’s why i decided to report it. it didn’t look very high above me, definitely lower than an airplane. got lots photos, in photos it looks white, didn’t show up in video though. so amazingly bright and incredible!!! i was leaning backwards trying to get pics cuz it was straight overhead. wow. had a strange feeling it could see me or sense me. odd. it went behind the large trees on east side of yard and disappeared or just kept going though i couldn’t see it, not sure. i felt like it was a special appearance just for me, like the fireballs. how come no one on the hwy saw them? there have been so many lately. i saw one every night for 6 days straight. a weird thing i should mention; two hours before these sightings, two black hawk helicopters flew from north to south down the coast. my husband says that if there are two, it means someone important is in one of them. when training they only use one. we are several hundred miles from nearest air force base. have heard lots of large jets around lately too. the photos i got of the large orb are tic tac shaped, just like the one in the disclosure video the air force got. they called it the tic tac and said they had been tracking them for two weeks before finally getting footage and visual sightings. perhaps these helicopters were tracking them? since this sighting i’ve continued to see them every clear night. i will post more sightings and photos/videos.

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Credit: MUFON

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