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Friday, February 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2018-02-22 00:00:00 - Somewhat rectangular bright light on a diagonal. light faded during slight descent, same angle but much thinner and could then see structure between faded now yellow light balls at each end.

Driving home from the strip heading toward summerlin on the i 15 we saw a very bright, white, almost rectangular light ahead over the nw mountains. it looked like the top of a diagonal building, that was lit up as bright as the luxor used to be. i asked, what was that building, and why are they allowed to have the light so bright? my husband said it wasn't a building, because it was in the sky. we couldn't understand what we were seeing. if it were a plane it would have been the size of a football field, so we were confused. after several seconds the light began a straight, short descent, but still remained in view on its diagonal. as it descended it changed to a much narrower shape; that is when the lights faded to more of a dim yellow, at which point you could clearly see some sort of structure in between. it appeared to be like a building in the sky. eventually there were only two fuzzy, yellow, dim light balls on each end, with the clearly visible, thin structure in between. it was not moving. it remained exactly in place, on its diagonal. when we got off at summerlin parkway, we could no longer see it, as it seemed to be behind the mountains. by the time we had argued, and wrapped our heads around what was happening, it was too late to take a picture. we had been on the highway (both i 15 and 95), and it disappeared when we got into our quiet neighborhood. we fully expected to hear about it on the news when we woke up, but nothing seems to be reported. we have never been particularly interested in ufo's, and have actually been skeptical of many tales of sightings. never did we think we would see such a thing. we don't understand what it means. does this happen all the time and we are unaware? is this something new, and of concern? this was absolutely a craft of some kind. is it ours? why are we not hearing about this? there is no way possible that we are the only people who saw this last night. it was huge. why isn't it being reported? does air traffic control know about this? is nellis air force base aware? did this have anything to do with the helicopters seen earlier in the day, or the electric trucks in our area that were there when we left for the evening, and still working when we returned? is the structure (craft) still there? unless you see something like this with your own eyes, you don't believe it. we didn't. now we don't understand what we did see. we can't tell any of the people we know, since they won't understand. what do we do with that? can someone find out if others reported this, so we don't feel crazy?

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Credit: MUFON

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