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Monday, February 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Searcy, Arkansas on 2012-02-29 00:00:00 - Saw an object that looked like a radio tower, then realized it wasn't

So this event took place in what i would approximate as march, 2012. the reason it has taken me so long to report it was because the thought never occurred to me until now, but i can still clearly picture the event as if it happened yesterday. at the time, i was living in a rural area near the town i specified in the report. we decided to go into town and buy dinner from a restaurant rather than cook something at home. i was with one other person, who was driving the vehicle, as we went into town as we so often did. it was late evening and the sun was going down. our order at the restaurant took an abnormally long time to prepare, so by the time we were heading back home it was dark out and we could see the stars above us. we were driving back home to the rural area where we lived when the event took place. we were driving on the highway specified in the report, and up until the event our view of the sky to the southwest was obstructed by tall trees. then as we took a turn and the area to our left opened up, we could see what looked at first to be like a very tall radio or cell tower. we both remarked to each other that we didn't remember there being a tower out there, and that's just the thing, there wasn't and still is not a tower out there. upon realizing this, we both began to observe the object(s) more closely. the main thing that drew our attention was a large, unwavering and immobile orange light that, from our perspective, looked to be about the size of a circular tablet of aspirin. behind it were three smaller white lights which seemed to be hovering in formation. the fact that the lights weren't moving or flashing indicated to us that we weren't simply seeing airplanes in the sky, and that was why we thought it was just a very tall aerial tower at first. we observed the lights for at least five minutes as we drove on the highway, but because someone was rudely tailgating us we were not able to pull off to the shoulder and take pictures or a video. this is the one part that i can't exactly remember; whether or not we were able to see the stars in-between the formation of lights, so i'm not sure if they were four separate objects, or if they were lights on one single craft. if it was one craft, it would have to have been absolutely massive. the formation of the four lights made the shape of an almost triangular rhombus. we both knew that we were seeing something strange, and although i can't speak for the other witness, i felt a sense of dread and anxiety, as if i wasn't supposed to be looking. when we got home we talked about the odd experience for a short while before going to bed, and essentially forgot about the experience. i spoke with the other witness before making this report to verify what we had seen, and it seemed like he hadn't really thought about the experience again until i reminded him of it just tonight. i've thought about it a few times over the years but never felt compelled to report the sighting until now. we lost sight of the lights when we turned off of the highway on our way back home. due to the amount of trees in the area it would have been impossible to observe the lights from where we lived.

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Credit: MUFON

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