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Saturday, February 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Whangamata, Waikato on 2018-02-05 21:04:00 - From the back deck of my brothers house we witnessed 10 bright objects moving in the sky .

Both my brother and myself witnessed 10 star like objects from his back deck. i was walking out to my caravan at the time and stopped to pet the cat and was looking at the stars and noticed the first one and then two more , after that i called to my bother to have a look , we took turns spotting and tracking them as there were several at once.They were moving in multiple directions at different speeds , some were wobbling others omitted very bright light in flashes but were also pulsing with a glow . they were not satellites , comets or aircraft as i can identify these objects. it wasn't all that shocking to me as i have seen them before at the same location and have seen many previously before even two daylight sightings where i could actually make out the craft , that was about 20 years ago , the craft was sort of seed shaped , silver with no seams. i'm only bothering to report this one because there were so many and i had a least one other person seeing what i was seeing. i'm not sure if i should make out another report as the same thing happened the next night but there was over 20 of them in the space of 45 mins about an hour later than the first night and was even more spectacular. its been raining the last few days now so we have not bothered looking for more as yet. i might look at getting a decent camera to record them .Also some were fading in and out of view and others you could not see if you looked directly at them , you had to look behind or in front of the object and observe it using your peripheral vision. some did fade out but most just moved out of our field if vision .

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Credit: MUFON

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