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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Victoria, British Columbia on 2013-07-13 00:00:00 - We observed two orbs, much like the ones you see online. we were camping on a small mountain range looking at a large orange full moon rising over the mainland and the orbs were orange at first and resembled the moon, except much smaller.

On a late summers night in july or august of 2013, i believe and at about 10pm-midnight, pehaps. my girlfriend and i were camping on the top of a small mountain range outside of victoria b.C. canada. we were sitting on the tailgate of my truck, looking east at the big cheesy pre-autumn full moon rising over the mainland. when we observed two round glowing balls or orbs floating around above the mainland and with the moon in the background, which looked exactly like the moon at the time but much smaller. they were bright and orange too, they danced around a little and then one went north along the coast and one came west, towards us. as both balls left each other they turned white, a bright consistant glowing white. the one coming west flew very slow and on sort of a glide or floating straight path, about maybe 300 feet up. it flew over the saanich peninsula and seemed to be probing the urban pockets on it's way through, it then turned north and continued on past pat bay and towards the malahat hwy. then it crossed the inlet and headed west directly for the heavy forrested side of the moutain and the whole time maintaining the same speed pretty much, which was around 40-60 kms an hour maybe. the object was anywhere from the size of a large vehicle, such as a big truck. to the size of a small to medium sized house maybe and it definitely had purpose and was aware of where it was going, i had no idea if it knew we were watching it or not. it proceeded to fly directly into the thick forrest of the side of the range we were on, about 300 yards away from us max. i could pin point where it went in within 50 yards either way, i said to my girlfriend; we should go check it out. she didn't want to or me to alone in the dark, which made sense. i felt no fear or aggression at all though and we camped there anyway, i jokingly said to her.. something about long fingers and green men and we slept fine that night with no known disturbances or inturuptions. the next day we packed up and left because we had to work on the monday, not because we were freaked out or anything. in fact i don't know why i have not gone there with a friend to check out the area, i'm an adventurer at heart and physically fit enough to travese the terrain. it may be on crown land or even someones property, there is a house nearby. but it's like i just forgot about it and not totally forgot, but didn't care enough to go back with a buddy in the daylight and check it out.. which is strange, for me. i saw a youtube video of mount adams in washington, with an opening in the side of the mountain.. yeah that one and it inspired me to finally write this, so if anyone wants to go there lol.. let me know and i'll be more than happy to show you, it's about a 20 min drive outside of victoria. this is the first time i've repoted anything although i have seen many different ufos, including another orb that year in the fall over the western mountains near kamloops b.C.. again with my girlfriend at the time and on my way back from working in alberta, the firt time i saw one i thought.. someone else had to have seen that, my second thought was.. i can't tell anyone, because they'll think i'm crazy. probably typical and i don't care now, i know what i've seen. my eyes and mind don't lie to me, besides they are here and everyone is seeing them. i don't know why they are fooling around anymore and don't just come out with it already, it's silly and ridiculous and most of us are wise to the fact by now and most would be able to handle the news just fine, in todays day and age. it's like trying to hide the fact there's no santa clause to a kid whos 12 or something and knows better, who's the more intelligent of the two parties and who looks like an idiot.? really..

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Credit: MUFON

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