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Saturday, February 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sleights, England on 2018-02-09 22:30:00 - It was a series of flashing lights that hovered. it then started to move erratically in circles. swinging like a pendulum. it started spinning and we could see multiple lights.

I was about to go to bed as it was 10.30pm. i always look out of the window before i close the curtains for the night. i'm used to the position of the stars out side my bedroom window. i saw what looked like a cluster of lights in a vertical line. they were flashing whit/orange/blue. i watched this for a while and realised it was moving slowly from north to south. however, it was moving erratically. by this i mean that it would suddenly sway around almost as if it were swinging from a pendulum. it reminded me of the way an fly/insect moves from flower head to flower head. i went downstairs to tell my wife and son about it and my son came to the front door with me to film it. you can see some of the footage here: we stopped filming as we were in our nightclothes and it was -1c outside. my wife and i continued to watch it until 11.35pm where it was still there. during our time watching it, we noticed that it changed shape. the lights reconfigured to different shapes. i think i also saw smaller lights dropping from it now and again, but am not sure enough to firmly state this. we don't get many planes flying across our sky as we live on the coast and there are no major flight paths. at about 11.5pm, my wife and i saw two planes approach the object and fly around it. we saw lights which were clearly the red and green of human planes. the speed which they flew across the sky indicated that they were jet planes. we get military planes flying around here so we know how they move. the object too an hour and a half to just move maybe a mile or so, flitting around a lot.

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Credit: MUFON

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