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Thursday, February 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Oakland, California on 2018-02-08 06:23:00 - I

It was today 2/8/18. it was in oakland. i went to smoke a cigarette in my backyard. i lit up my cigarette and just looked up at the sky. it seemed to still look like night with the moon shining very bright, giving off a green reflective light. at first, i thought it was a star because it was very bright. then it looked as if it was headed my direction so then i assumed it was a plane. my eyes were locked into the sky not really knowing what to comprehend. i lit up another cigarette, and just kept looking at the general direction the object was. the ufo was very far away in the sky, not entirely sure how far but up there in the sky. i found it unusual the object or ufo, whatever you call it, moved into the opposite direction it was headed initially, which was towards me. i knew instantly then was i was looking at but still was confused but i believe in extraterrestrials and would never believe that i had a chance to see this event happen in my life. i called my friend up and told him, we facetimed, and i was like "bruh, i think i see a ufo, im pretty damn sure" i changed the viewing from my face towards the object in the sky. i used the moon as another object as my point of reference. from his point of view, he saw the moon and another light as well. i'm pretty sure he couldn't be able to see as clear as i did. i told him i'll call him back and then around 6:23 am i started to take pictures, burst pictures, and videos of my iphone. towards the end i recorded a 15 minute video. i took a lot of photos and videos which clearly shows the object moving in different directions, left to right, right to left, towards me, away from me, going in circles, up and down. also when i was taking some pictures and videos, it somewhat distorted some parts of videos and pictures. also i zoomed in when recording and taking pictures but initially, recording was fine but than almost became static but then reverted back to normal. also the object seemed to disappear and then reappear. i could tell it was trying to hide or tried to camouflage, but i could still tell that the object was there because of its outline, even though it seemed not to appear there, it still had its outline. sometimes the became some sort of ball shape, changed its colors, disappeared and then reappeared. i never took my eyes of it and never stopped recording and taking pictures. towards the end, i thought it disappeared but appeared again and then finally disappeared. for the majority of the time, it was a bright light. also excuse my language in my video, i live in oakland, raised in the bay so my lango is different. also i showed me tenant when he came out to go to work, around that time it was getting light with which it was hard to see with the naked eye but through the camera i was still able to spot it. he also saw the object through my phone when i was recording. hopefully you can just mute some parts of me speaking.

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Credit: MUFON

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