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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Manchester, England on 1991-07-15 03:20:00 - Never saw the ufo e-mailed you but reply asked to fill this form out possible attempted abduction

Dear sirs, i am writing to you from a place called middleton, which is just outside manchester in the uk. i have decided to write to you as i have recently been watching a lot of “ufo” programs on the channel “h2” and on one i watched today yourselves were involved, and so i am curious as to whether or not you are able to provide any possible response to something which ahs gone on with me for a period of over 20 years. i must also point out that i do not in any way say “i have been kidnapped by ets’” as i have never gone that far. what has happened to me has took place every so many years since the year 1991 or 1992, and part of which sounds very much like the beginning of what happens in “alien abduction” but i never got to any spaceship. when these instances happen, it will occur over a few nights and then nothing for a few years and then it will happen again, for a few nights and then again nothing for a few years. one night when i was 17 or 18, (i am now 44 and so can’t remember exactly) i had gone to bed and gone asleep and then i was aware that i was slowly floating upwards as i was getting to the ceiling i shot through the ceiling very quickly and straight upwards, as though there was some force pulling me. my front was facing downwards and my back was facing upwards. i was trying to fight this, and this is the point, i am aware of what is going on, i know i went to bed and gone asleep and so this could not be a dream. as i was somehow trying to stop myself from going upwards and i start to plummet downwards very quickly and landed on the stairs, but i could not move, there was some form of paralysis. then the same force starts to take me back up and fast from the offset, but it felt as though the force was from around the waist. within this i was sick, not the normal taste of vomit but that bile taste that you can get in the back of your throat when your stomach has very little food in it, and what came out landed on my front. as i reached the loft i was then sent forwards and travelled very quickly through the lofts of the adjoin houses. it was at this time that i was saying to myself “this is a dream, this is a dream, wake yourself up,” i kept shutting my eyes and concentrating that i must be on my front and so with my hands kept trying to push myself upwards, eventually i managed to do it and woke up. i do now have epilepsy but not at the time in september 1992 i joined the army and served five years prior to getting sleep deprivation epilepsy. the form of epilepsy was only diagnosed a couple of years ago. every time i went through a wall, or a ceiling that was a kind of sshhuu and can only describe this as being sucked through. for years i do not know what has happened i know it can not be a dream as i am aware of what is going on at the time and that i have gone to bed. i mention the epilepsy as this was one of the explanations that was given within the programme i watched today. i never saw a bright light and as i have said i never, to my knowledge got on any spaceship or had anything done to me. sine the military and my diagnosis for epilepsy i have had received multiple fractures of the back which means that i have lost 6 inches in height and have degenerative disc disease. i have mentioned all this so you are aware of all that has took place to me over the years. the reason for writing is that it was a force that pulled me, i was aware of what was going on, but cannot say i ended up on any spaceship. please could you see if there is any explanation that you are able to give. many thanks for your time in reading this e-mail. yours daniel flatley

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Credit: MUFON

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