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Saturday, February 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Louisiana on 2016-07-09 11:00:00 - Took picture of i dont know what or where cant remember taking it. i do remember others buy no picture

I cant remember taking this picture. don't know anything about it except my sister found it on my phone. this is one im not sure of. i don't know about this one but i am positive i have seen them up close and many times in different places, with details. i do know i have spent time with them. they keep track of me. don't know how but i have been with more than one kind for different reasons. i cant remember a lot, but some important points. this is very confusing and either true or im seriously crazy. my daughter was with me once i recall and we stopped in the road to watch a huge light coming over a hill we thought it was a truck. but don't remember anything after stopping. then we were going down the road and did not notice we were kind of in a foggy state of mind, we asked each other stupid questions because it did not make since, but when we got home we had been gone over 3 hours on a trip that should have been 30 minutes. the other kind is very physical and i feel as though i wait for them at certain times, scary.

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Credit: MUFON

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