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Saturday, February 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lordsburg, New Mexico on 2018-02-06 19:30:00 - Looked like the moon behind clouds, but the night sky was clear

Ok, so i was about to feed the dogs at my dads, when i looked to the western portion of the sky as i always do, and i see what i completely thought was a small portion of the moon, peeking through some clouds, as the light was kind of foggy looking. but when i looked all over the sky, you could clearly see that, number 1, there was no moon out yet, and 2, there were no clouds in the sky, and even though it was night with no moon, you absolutely can tell there were no clouds in the area of the "event," i made sure of this. at first, it was stationary like a star, but then when i focused on it as best as i could with my eyes, i could tell it was not the moon, because a light started to project from the top and bottom (or somewhere) of it, but not dramatically, or intensely. the lights plus the star-like object together, kind of made an hour glass type shape, and the lights would change directions, almost like a search light of sorts, but the hour glass-like shape remained, as the lights rotated around it (or something like that anyways, it's hard to explain). anyways, once i saw that, i figured it must be a hoverin helicopter, or possibly even a blimp, moving slowly towards my direction (there are military and border patrol choppers that fly over the town at times too). then it started moving more east, in the direction of deming n.M., and the light would still rotate around the star-like, light-ball, or whatever shape it was, and it wasnt that easy to see the light doing it either, i has to really focus on it just to see it happen. by the time it had crossed a good portion of the sky, or at least i think it was a good portion, i had went inside to get my 19 yr old sister to come check it out too, and a lil less than a minute later, we were both outside looking at it, and by this time, i knew it wasn't a chopper, blimp, or a plane, as there were about 4 or 6 commercial jets flying in the sky at that time (we see and hear them all the time, way up in the sky), confirming it was not a jet. and then it was close enough that we should have hear something from it, if it was of this world. from where we were standing, we were looking south by this time, more or less around a 35 degree angle, give or take, and the object slowed a bit, but the lights were still rotation here and there, and it still looked like some sort of mist was surrounding it, because of the way the light was viewable. now this is where things got really weird. it started to speed up a little (i think), and when it did so, it must have kicked in its propulsion system, because it stared leaving a smoke-like trail, and it was at this point that i thought it could maybe be a rocket, but again, we would have heard something, and there was no noise at all, not even from the many jets above, that i remember. anyways the smoke trail grew quite long, really quick, then it started to expand outward, a lot. i mean that thing grew and nearly made, what i could only describe as being a weird round-ish, bell-like shape, and it just kept expanding. i personally thought it was opening some form of portal, but it wasn't, and the smoke-like substance just kept expanding and expanding until it was at least about 3 inches or so wide, if i would have measured it with my thumb an index finger, it was really big, and a bit worrisome, until it began to vaporize (or just fade) into the air, until there was none of it remaining. and all the while the trail was expanding, you could still see the weird misty-lit object, but its light had faded significantly, and it shape seemed to of changed too, but i can't describe the way it looked when it started off, and headed to a more south-eastern direction. i think it ended up getting longer, and i remember seeing more lights, like it was a cluster of objects this time, and it was even harder to see after awhile. i had to focus between the expanding smoke trail, and the object itself in order to even see it this time, looking directly at it didn't do it anymore. but it's light was still very misty/foggy looking, as opposed to the rest of the stars and jets in the sky. also, this could be coincidental, but when the smoke trail was expanding, the dogs were barking in that general direction, but they could literally have been barking at anything, since we have a lot of open desert between my dads and town (maybe a couple of miles or so, you can see the town easily from his place), so they could have been barking at any animals, just at the same time as we witnessed this thing. but when that trail was expanding, i was thinking that it must be a poison cloud of some sort, cuz it seemed to just keep expanding, but it was mostly just a dumb thought i had, i wasn't actually in fear of our lives. plus, if it was, there wouldn't have been anything i could do about it anyways ^_^. when the trail faded entirely, me and my sister were left wondering what the heck it was, and our two other younger siblings came home from their moms, and i shared what happened with them. the next day, according to my 12 yr old baby sister, a lot of people saw the event, but brushed it off as a meteor, which i highly doubt it was. and that's how this "story," goes, but living here, i've seen my share of weird stuff in the sky, as i'm sure many others here have too, some dating back a long time. i apologize, but i don't have any images, video, audio or anything ready to send, but i could definately draw out the smoke trail me and my sister saw, if needed. and i could care less about being anonymous, so no worries there ^_^.

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Credit: MUFON

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