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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mena, Arkansas on 2017-02-18 22:00:00 - Near mena, arkansas, 3 vertical beams of light appeared at night about 300 ft tall

The following describes an initial light event witnessed on february 18, 2017, reported to mufon by phone, and was investigated by mufon’s special assignment team (sat). due to the fact that this location, board camp crystal mine, near mena, arkansas, has been the site of ongoing phenomenon and investigation since the february 18, 2017 mufon investigation, this event was not publicly reported online until now. the reporting parties are the property owners and/or witnesses of the numerous ongoing events at this active location and are reporting for the benefit of public education and scientific research. in recognition of the one year anniversary of this event, which was featured in the october 2017 issue of the mufon journal, as well as featured on “expedition unknown: hunt for extraterrestrials” episode 4 on travel channel, the witnesses (and property owners of the location) are officially publicly reporting this sighting as follows: on the night of february 18, 2017, at the property known as board camp crystal mine, near mena, arkansas, the 3 eye-witnesses (2 of them being the property owners) were standing on a hill gazing out over the crystal mine property. about 10 pm, about 900 feet south of where the witnesses were standing, the witnesses saw a glow of white light appear at the treetops of the horizon silhouetting the treetops from behind. three large white vertical beams of light appeared out of the glow, seeming to be 30 feet wide and seeming to shoot up to about 300 feet high above the ground. the beams were described as being flat across the top, and appeared for a duration of about 10 seconds, then disappeared, and the glow receded back into darkness. there appeared to be no lights at ground level and no sound of a vehicle or animals. the witnesses were astonished by the sighting, thinking it was man-made, but not understanding how it could be, as it would be difficult for a vehicle hauling 3 large spotlights to enter the fenced rural 40-acre property without being noticed. although a small airport is located about 8 miles west of the location, directly south of the event site, there is nothing but undeveloped land, no roads, etc. the next morning, thinking they might find evidence of a human visit such as footprints or tire tracks, the 3 witnesses visited the crystal mine pit where the sighting occurred. to the witnesses’ surprise, there was no evidence of a human visitation, but all metal objects such as fence posts and tools were noticed to be affected, characterized by movement of the objects from their previous positions. mufon was contacted by a third party and the witnesses were phoned by arkansas state investigator race hobbs. because of the credibility of the witnesses and the strong physical evidence left behind after the light event occurred, mufon sent the sat to investigate, led by chase kloetzke. race hobbs accompanied the sat. during the sat’s examination of the metal objects with various devices recording readings for radiation and electromagnetism (em), it was confirmed that the metal objects at the event site were not only magnetized but also polarized, and em and radiation levels were increased. soil and rock samples were obtained and all information was forwarded to various labs for professional analysis. mufon has since issued a full investigative report.

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Credit: MUFON

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