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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Silver Spring, Maryland on 2018-02-27 04:04:00 - Entity is within my families home and looks like a person, communicates through knocks and electrical devices , and has spoken with me about things that were never said out loud

The discovered alien entity is in the form of a person. communicates through knocks on objects and through horns and beeps from electrical devices and objects. once he was discovered he became visibly aggregated but does not speak about it (it was never said out loud). it caused paranormal activity by moving and knocking down objects when it was discovered but no one knew it was from him, it was a distraction to cause fear which it feeds off of. when the subject is not around everything is normal. when entity is around or listening the numer 4 is present on electrical devices and clocks, and sometimes a 4 is just rabdomly present. it works with numbers. it cannot create stuff but mimics actions of others, to give the appearance of human personality. he speaks and says answers questions or comments from your thoughts verbally, but it is the only one aware. it also manipulates electronics. the family, and it's perceived family is religious but the entity who appears human will never acknowledge christ, and becomes agitated when it here's his name. the entity is dangerous when events started coming to life, people around the family started dying. very sure this was a distraction to cause fear to not report or to throw of the investigative measures. it monitors your communication with others to prevent disclosure. it's trying to blend in with people, for reasons unknown. entity does not like phoyos and is vary dangerous.

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Credit: MUFON

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