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Monday, February 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Topeka, Kansas on 2017-07-31 03:23:00 - I woke to 2 beings floating into my bedroom.

Just wanted to share an experience i had a couple months ago to see if anyone else could help me try and understand better what is going on and if anyone else has experienced something similar. date is between august 21st 2017 (solar eclipse) and august 31st 2017. my husband and i woke around 3:00am to sounds outside our bedroom door. when we looked outside we found our dogs crying to be let in. but we had locked our dogs in their crate before going to bed and our backyard gate is locked as well. jokingly my husband said “i think aliens teleported the dogs outside.” and i said “i hope so, that would be awesome.” my husband put the dogs back in their crate and we went back to sleep, but within a few minutes our bedroom door opened again and when i turned to look, two little beings floated into the room. as soon as they saw me looking at them i was instantly knocked into paralysis and could not move at all. this also shifted time into a super slow motion flow. i began to struggle and freaking out and that seemed to then knock me out of my body into another plane or dimension. i could now move and when i rolled over to look up at this being it had black colored wind moving behind and around it in slow motion. i never saw the second being that seemed to stand guard at the door, but i somehow knew it was there. it was hard to focus on it because time seemed to slow way down and it was as if my vision would vibrate when i looked at it. it had an extremely white head shaped like a chinese dragon mask. i thought it might be a mask at first with very protruding brows and forehead. i then saw it had a very slim neck and a collar at the top of the suit it was wearing. it was grey and form fitting with a belt or band in the middle. the energy it was putting off was very unfamiliar to me and i did not like the feeling of it. i immediately noticed that i could feel myself outside of my body from above at the same time that i could feel it from below in bed. i could see and remember everything at the same time from both locations. my instincts told me to create a protection field around my husband and i in bed and i pushed out this blue sphere of light around us from below. but as i was watching myself do this from above it looked like a flat blue circle instead of 3 dimensional. i was really struggling from below to move and wake my husband up. i could start to feel myself swaying and trying to shake. from above the energy was so uncomfortable that i wanted to get out of the room immediately. i started floating out my door and then hovering above my pool outside. it was well lit outside, not sure if it was close to a full moon or it was an artificial light from above. i felt as if my body inside could almost break free from this paralysis when i was sucked back into my room and i shot up in bed. i woke my husband up and said “they were just here, floating around like peter pan!” he could also feel that something was off and didn’t quite know what was going on. he ended up getting our 9mm out and stayed up in the living room for the rest of the night. the time on the clock when this started was 3:23 and when i shot up in bed it was 4:14. i wrote everything down to try and make sense of it all and a few months later my notes disappeared. i knew something was missing in that hour in-between the beginning and the end of the experience so i went to a hypnosis to try and recover my memories. 2.9.18 hypnosis session there was an hour of time missing from the night the 2 beings came into my room and this is what came to the surface during my hypnosis session. i felt sucked out of my bedroom, and floated out above our pool outside thru our sliding glass door. i then remember being in an extremely bright white room that eventually turned into a large oval shaped room with a metallic table in the center. i floated over to the table and realized that there were other beings in the room with me. they were very tall with white robes on and they looked like preying mantises. there were 2 or 3 of them, very big looking heads. there is a strange hum to everything. i then felt a warm golden light start to shine down on me from above and it seemed as if they were scanning me, downloading and uploading energy software or information. and then there were all kinds of lights that formed into small bubbles that seemed to have movies or videos playing inside of them floating all around me. i then floated horizontally next to another being that i could not remember seeing (just knew it was guiding me) down a long corridor of openings, and then i remember being submerged into a thick gel like water. it was pulsing with electricity and i felt my body being pulled outward as if being flattened with the waves of energy. the hum in the silence was very loud and i felt myself being pulled into a wormhole or tunnel. it was pumping me thru it like an ocean current, 10ft forward, 3 ft back, and i felt like this light lead me back towards my bedroom. as i looked back up into this light there were 4 blue beings looking back down at me from above. and then i shot up in bed in my room again, knowing instantly that the 2 beings were just in my room, floating around like peter pan right before all of this happened. it was as if i had floated above my pool and then was instantly sucked back into my room and body before recovering these memories during my hypnosis session. i do remember other humans being in this place also, whether they were helping or being helped also. this place did not feel as if it existed in this reality or time or universe. it was somewhere completely separate and outside of everything. after this experience i went to a float tank on oct 22nd 2017 and had memories of being in a craft and traveling thru wormholes out in the universe. that night i woke up to a violent episode where my eyes were banging around in my head so hard that i couldn't move without throwing up for hours in the bathroom and had to be taken to an vertigo specialist that diagnosed me with bppv and i have had issues with it to this day still. i am an artist and i plan to try and draw or create images from what i saw this year.

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Credit: MUFON

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