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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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Alien Encounter in St Helens,Merseyside,Engl, on 2018-01-03 00:00:00 - Please read below....Thanks

I feel really stupid doing this but i really need to tell someone because im having a hrad time understanding it.This happened in my sleep,i think...See....Stupid,anyway i woke up in my sleep at the bottom of a staircase i don't recognise,half the sairs are missing and a ladder on the wall next to me,i have had this same dream several times.....There are always 2 small figures at the top of the stairs that do not look human,they have large heads and are very skinny,as soon as i look up to them the one on the left always points to the door....There is always banging behind the door and then i wake up but this time i didn't and as i went to open the door it burst open and 2 what i can only describe as police officers but not like i would see a regular police officer....One grabbed my right wrist while the other proceeded to use a hand drilling device with 2 very thin what looked like plastic wires coming out the end and forcible drilled them into and around one of my knuckles,they said that i would have to learn to play normally again like before....What the fuck....And shoved me out the door....I could feel an intense heat above and behind me and had to cover my eyes....When i focused i was in the middle of an industrial estate and 3 men walking towards me,two where dressed in military uniform and a tall man about 9ft was pointing at me and the 3rd man was dressed in a doctors white uniform....As they walked towards me he said i only have 2 chances left to get it right and the military men grabbed me and held me down while the doctor???? put like a slimy brown gooey thick blob of liquid in my mouth and repeated please get it right......I woke up choking.....Couldn't understand what had happened.I wouldn't have bothered getting in touch but im scared im being watched and when i examined my hand there are two puncture scars there now and have no feeling around that area.Also our clock on the wall was an hour fast compared to the time on my phone and tv.....I checked to see if the clocks where due to be put back but they weren't,so an hour of time is also missing.....Would be great if you could help but what are the chances of that,thanks for listenening hopefully the images will stop and you don't think im some crazy nut.I live at home with my partner and 2 children.Just need it to stop.

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Credit: MUFON

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