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Sunday, February 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio on 2018-02-03 20:15:00 - Bright red light decended until lost in trees

Wife and i were returning from dinner in car. saw bright red light (more than a point source - certainly not a planet) about 65 degrees in sky ahead and to the right of our direction of travel. seemed to descend quickly, and disappeared behind trees in about 30 seconds. emitted no sounds. when first sighted, i thought it was a light on a tower or power line. my wife thought it was a plane or copter. there were no other lights visible besides the red light. because of the area into which the light descended, which was heavily residential, it was unlikely that this was an airplane (no place to land and taxi), and was not likely to be a helicopter because of the absence of landing lights. it could have been a drone, but nothing else comes to mind as to the identity of the light. entire sighting took less than a minute from first view till loss of sighting. neither of us experienced any sensations or feelings during the episode. this event took place within a mile of our home. i didn't see any evidence that anyone else observed this light. there was a police car with its warning lights flashing down the street from our home, but this patrol car was pulled into that house's driveway, and i saw no one outside. since i saw the police car less than a minute after the sighting occurred, it is unlikely that a call from that residence could have so quickly brought a police response. when i looked for the police car twenty minutes later, it was gone. the weather was cloudy with no stars or moon visible, and it was lightly misting or drizzling. temperature was low to mid-30s. i checked the local tv news programs at 11 pm, but none reported any unusual lights.

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Credit: MUFON

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