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Friday, February 23, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Sylacauga, Alabama on 1971-08-31 19:30:00 - Small group abduction?

At time of incident, had turned 11 years old during prior month, and school year had started few weeks beforehand. at time, family was staying with parents of step-mother of the period, located within rural area in close proximity of sylacauga, al. area terrain was low, forested hills, with paved roadway, and widely-spaced residences in reasonably cleared areas along route. incident occurred after nightfall & evening meal (approx. 7:00-8:00 p.M.?), on night with no following day's school. younger step-cousin of period had hiked his way through forested area separating the neighboring residences, requesting my younger brother & myself accompany him back to the other residence, to engage in playing various board games. to best of memory, evening was seasonally warm, moonlight was available, and area foresting prevented accurate wind condition observation. as the 3 of us proceeded back through the forested area separating the residences, i took note of the amount of noise we were creating just from the effort of walking through the seasonal "tree-litter" all over the forest floor, and ambient moonlight was enough to easily avoid footing/collision issues. by time approx. half way through forested area, i had wandered slight distance ahead of other 2 individuals (approx. 10-15 ft.), from them being engaged in dawdling around pushing & jesting each other. while continuing to walk, i made sure my trajectory would clear to the side of a moderately-sized tree ahead of me, and i twisted my upper torso around to my right, to issue my own jests back towards the others. laughing from the various jesting, i then twisted my torso back around into proper orientation for walking, just as i arrived to the side area of the tree i had made to pass by. as my eyes swung around to first notice the proximity of the tree, i suddenly caught sight of what looked like a "person" jumping out from around the tree from a hiding position, and came lunging towards me with outstretched arms, as if to seize/grab. distance separating was alarmingly minimal, and because had been caught totally off-guard and was quite startled, i rapidly twisted away from "whoever" was leaping at me, turning towards my left and crouching/hunkering over in a desperate defensive position, with teeth clenched & eyes force-closed, expecting the attacker to soon contact my exposed back. from the brief glance at whoever was leaping from behind the tree, the person appeared to be approx. 5 1/2' tall, slim-normal build, and had hair that looked "normal" (although non-combed/un-kept), of short-medium length & lesser color shade than medium brown. glance did not last long enough to take in particulars of facial features, clothing, etc., and leaping action was done with no associated noise attributed, as if attacker able to avoid treading through the forest floor tree-litter. i do not know how long i maintained the crouched defensive posture, but after long enough time had gone by in my mind without feeling the person "attack" me, i began to slowly, cautiously rise back up out of the defensive position, while listening intently for any forest floor litter noise to indicate location or pathway of the attacker. absolutely no associated noise was detected, and as no "noticeable" physical attack was forthcoming, i apprehensively finished standing back up and glanced all around me. whoever had looked like jumping at me from behind the tree was nowhere in sight, and any departure from the area went undetected. during the process of glancing around me, noticed that both my brother and the step-cousin were actively in the process of displaying recovery from almost identical defensive reactions/positions as myself, and were also starting to glance about in apprehension, confusion, etc. after determining nothing was around us, we simply shrugged shoulders at each other, and resumed our progress through the forested area, as if nothing had occurred. only once during the evening's board game play did my brother casually ask what i thought that was all about, back in the woods, to which i replied i thought it must have been a "spook/ghost" pulling pranks. this explanation seemed to satisfy him, and the incident has never been discussed, since.

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Credit: MUFON

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