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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Walsenburg, Colorado on 2018-01-19 06:30:00 - Ufo observed on film after shooting a 12 minute time-lapse of a sunrise.

After receiving a couple of gopro hero+'s in the mail around mid-january 2018, i decided to try out some time-lapse videos. i live in southern colorado about 20 miles from the nearest town. my closest neighbors are 1/2 mile away, so we are fairly remote. we also live at 7500' elevation on the slope of an 11,000 foot mountain. this gives us an unobstructed view to the east of at least 40 miles. another feature of our location is that we get some of the most fabulous sunrises i have ever witnessed. because we are on a mountain we get some weird and wild winds, as well as phenomenal cloud formations. so, on the morning of 1-19-2018, i was up early and decided to set up a time-lapse to play with. i put the gopro up on my porch and set the interval between shots to 15 seconds. (yeah, that's a long time, but this was my first test.) apparently i only ran the test for about 12 minutes, since i had gotten a late start and dawn was already in progress. once the sun was up, i walked out and shut down the gopro. i downloaded the files onto my computer and really didn't think any more about it. i captured more sunrises, on other days and around the middle of february i finally got a piece of software that i could stitch the individual frames together with into a movie. so, around the 13th of february, while i was rendering the first video, i saw something in the sky that wasn't moving in the clip. watching it again i noticed it was a very windy day in the upper atmosphere and the cloud ceiling was probably right around 11,000 feet. and there is this "object" in the clouds...The clouds are going around it and it is stationary right at the level of the clouds. i only captured 46 frames of video. the camera has an 8k pixel count. this object was less than a mile from my house. i have no idea what it was or how long it was hovering there. i did not actually ever see it live... only on my video.

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Credit: MUFON

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