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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Granbury, Texas on 2018-02-10 11:15:00 - A narrow delta shape, gold and black. followed by 4, grey, fuzzy color orbs same size as main craft. one orb changed direction- went behind sun

I wan in city of granbury, near residence, walking two puppies. in a restaurant district, 400 hundred yards from residence just happened to look up did not compare it to anything. it was that different. the lead object, very narrow delta shape. did not see cockpit. one side gold and other black. four round disc shapes, that were a grey color with a fuzzy look and edges not distinct. these four shapes were following behind main craft. the surface area of discs and triangle appeared to be approximately the same. the triangular craft was long, about 1.75 percent longer than the diameter of the orbs. all objects were traveling at same rate, and holding relative positions. looking at the four orbs, i thought of positions on a clock face. from top right, first was at about a 2:00 positon, the next lower orb was at about a 4:30 position but closer to the center, the third was at about at a 7:30 position and the last at about 10:30. i did not think of a rectangular formation, but the circle i earlier stated. then something very unusual happened. the orb at about the 4:30 position suddenly, without the appearance of turning, rose vertically. i am a very avid believer of ufos and the movement of the orbs reminded me of multiple orbs i have seen on film where orbs seem to be playing. and moving around. all craft then went in front of the sun. i had to leave. wish i had waited for them tp go past sun. there were no signs of propulsion, as they moved steadily. they were moving too slowly to be very low and keep flying. but they were too close to be moving at a high rate of speed. i would estimate the altitude to be 5000 feet. i am a past military pilot. these were not convention aircraft like anything i have seen before. greatest eyewitness event i ever saw. again, in my opinion, they were not conventional.

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Credit: MUFON

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