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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ajax, Ontario on 2018-02-05 19:36:00 - Large glowing orange orb observed going west to east along northern shore of lake ontario

I live in ajax, ontario just west of harwood about 1/4 mile from north shore of lake ontario. last night at about 7:35 pm i was looking south out my back yard patio door when i saw a large orange orb approaching slowing from the south southwest. this area is in the flight path from toronto's pearson airport which is about 35 kilometres west of ajax and i am very familiar with the air traffic in the area which typically moves west to east (takeoff) or vice versa (landing). there were no flashing navigation lights and the the object was about the size of a penny held at arms length with its luminosity remaining bright but constant throughout the sighting. it approached slowing from the south from over lake ontario in the northerly direction under the cloud cover at an altitude of about 500 to 1000 feet. i brought the object to my wifes attention and we watched the object as it changed direction slightly and proceeded at about the same altitude and speed following the lake shore moving west to east. i asked my wife for her cell phone so i could take pictures and by the time she had given me the phone the object had moved west about a kilometre or 2 along the shore line until it disappeared beyond my line of sight at 7:43. i managed to snap 5 or 6 pictures by which time the object was considerably smaller. when i first viewed the object it appeared to be a single object but upon viewing the pictures the object was seemingly 2 bright disc like objects side by side with pillars of light extending upwards similar to the shape of xmas trees. the series of photos shows the object changing shape slightly as the glowing interior of the light seemed to be on fire ( best description ) one of pictures also shows what appears to be an appendage on the bottom the very centre of the disc it is worth noting the pickering nuclear plant is about 2-3 miles to the west of my residence. the entire sighting lasted only a minute or 2. regrettably my wifes cell phone does not currently have the facility to send photos via email but i am working to resolve so that pics can be shared/posted asap

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Credit: MUFON

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