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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Suburb of kalamaki.athens, on 2017-07-31 00:00:00 - I need more words a the sightings were 3 in total in 3 different places and different characteristics

The first time i saw a ufo was in late summer of 2017 late in the afternoon atound 7 as i was walking out of the supermarket holding groceries in both my hands.I was walking along the pavement on it heading towards a nearby cafe.I always look up the sky since i have always believed in their existence.So when while walking i looked straight ahead up the sky at first i thought it was a plane but at second glance i saw it was like a piece of gold oblong and its width was as wide as the width of the road so i was at the same time walking and looking at it for about8 minutes till i reached the cafe.There many people were and i asked one to come see whati wasseeing.By the time he stood up because he was laughing when he heard the word ufo the object had gone far away but it was stiil seen by me but very small as it now was far.The second time i saw a ufo was if i recall the same summer but later at night between 9 and 11 i was sitting alone at a taberna eating .I was in front of a big avenue and i was looking across the street where a private school was at the first floor when suddenly i see a round ufo in a matter of second appearing with 6 or 7 lights lit standing vertically so i had full view of its round size and lights.I was stunned as i never thought i would see such a thing so bery near my house .It was less than 10 minutes the whole thing cause it apeared while i was lookking the first floor of the building and since the ufo stood next to the first floor i could easily compare sizes.It was as wide as the first floor of the building.As i saw it i thought well it will pass behind the buildin and continue its course when i suddenly saw it go the othet way.I thought it seemed as if it wanted to locate me...It stood where i had full view of it and then turned back instead of continuing.Now let me say about the third time i saw 2 round and big ufos around 3 months ago from the balcony of my kitchen but i cant recall exact time.It was dark and cloudy as it had rained eatlier it must have been after 7 and earlier than 11 at night.I went out on the balcony when while looking at the cloudy sky i saw some light coming through the clouds.I looked to see where it was coming from and i saw 2 round big disks luminating behind the clouds making circles in the sky as is playing together and and light was coming out one of them and was direvted towards the earth down .It seemed as if the ufo was looking to spot something which was down and used the light for this reason.I was stunned.... thats my experience the 3 times in total .

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Credit: MUFON

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