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Monday, February 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pendleton, Indiana on 2007-06-30 00:00:00 - Black (silhouette?) egg shaped craft flew overhead

I was listening to a podcast called astonishing legends episode 100 in which of of the guys related a story of seeing an egg shaped ufo and the feeling of calmness and no need to do anything. my story is much the same as his and the main reason i'm reporting it is because of how rare the egg shaped is said to be according to anther guy who was on the podcast (director of something in mufon). in the summer of 2007 i was outside playing volleyball with a group of guys. at some point i took a break and let someone play my position for a while and i laid down in the grass to rest. that's when i saw an odd looking airplane flying overhead. it stood out as odd to be because it had a strange egg like shape and flew "sideways" to the way i'd expect an egg shape to move. neither the narrow end or the wide end was the nose of the craft as it flew but instead the wide and narrow ends were like the wings so that it was flying broadside that really doesn't look aerodynamic at all. the craft looked flat black to me although i wonder if it was just a dark silhouette. it flew basically overhead from one horizon to the opposite horizon. i think it flew east to west. it looked like it was as high up in elevation as most airliners and it seemed to fly approximately the same speed as a regular airliner. overall it was no different from seeing a regular jet fly overhead except the shape was so strange looking like an egg and looking black. the other thing i've never shared with others i've told about it is how calm i felt and just didn't want to do anything more than watch it just like the guy on the podcast spoke about. i remember thinking at the time i was seeing it that i should tell at the other guys playing volleyball to look at it. i would look at them and just didn't want to do anything. i thought it was odd then and still do and never really wanted to talk about it because o felt like others would critize me with something along the lines of "how convienent, you saw a ufo with a dozens guys around and you don't say a word to anyone?". seemed dumb to me then but now hearing someone else with the same story really makes me wonder if somehow i was being affected at a distance somehow. no clue how that would work but it's one heck of a passive defensive ability to pacify observers if true.

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Credit: MUFON

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