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Sunday, February 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania on 2017-01-15 02:30:00 - This is about alien entities. no craft was seen . these entities were fired upon . 8 feet tall

I am writing this for a friend . he wants an investigation. he wears a bullet proof vest and carries a gun everyday because of this encounter . he said that there is eight feet tall creatures resembling a reptilian type creature surrounding his house at night . they get into his head and communicate strange things like stuff about end of civilization stuff and that only a small group will survive . sometimes they get physical and then there is loss of consciousness . they mimic his voice , when he yells out into the woods at them , it starts off sounding strange and they repeat it over and over until they get it right exsaclty duplicated until it gives him the chills and goosebumps. they are over 8 feet tall creature if anything reptilian . he shoots at them and then a light smacks the bullets out of the air. when the light hits the bullets it makes a loud slapping noise . he finds the bullets in the yard in the morning . some bullets are perfectly shaped and some are flat like they have been ran over on a train track. since the guns and bullets don't work he tried using a knife . which he did stab one and it yelled . he used a bear trap once . it snapped shut . the thing screamed and the trap was gone in the morning . there is so much to this story that idk and can't remember. but he wants an interview and some help . they don't seem to be able to come into the house for some reason . humans might be working with them also . at this same time these incidents were taking place . someone shot his dog and put it in a box in the front of his front door of his house with a note dont forget . it sounds sort of like mothman prophecy stuff to me strange . the only way he sees himself actually being able to kill one of these creatures is by stabbing it while it is dragging you away and hopefully it bleeds out before it takes you to where it wants to take you . there is so much more to this story that only he knows , and is willing to tell all . he just wants to find out how to get rid of these creatures out of his woods .

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Credit: MUFON

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