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Monday, February 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Jinan Shi, Shandong Sheng on 2017-02-12 21:45:00 - It's about a year, and it's over my house. seems to follow me

In august 2016, in the evening, i and my mother came home from the outside, found inclined in front of the attic has a disk, flash red and green light objects, then it also appeared in august 2016, october at the top of the overpass appeared twice. next again is 2017 1 or 2 month, one night, i was ready to go out, mother and i on the balcony in shoes, looked up and suddenly found the northwest sky with a golden window, when i first discovered it, i think it's a ufo after we go out, i found the window is the north-south, that is to say if you go to the east and window is behind you, just to the west in front of you. it lasted for some time, and disappeared in early april 2017. then, in 2017 on april 15, i found it again, only this time it transfer to my house to the east of the sky, i can show my dad took a video, see these when i was afraid, incredible. he deleted the result. filming the video, i found something in the sky will be moved, seems to be a spiral movement, i heard several fierce dog, after a careful look at found at the end of the video, a flashing red light in a low pass, shoot video i hadn't noticed that, soon, no exhaust and noise. in may, the car downstairs in my house was always ringing the alarm, and the dog always barked, never before. in june, i was eating out, and when i came out at about 9 o 'clock, the things in the sky were over the place where i was eating, and there were several, flashing lights. then it disappeared, and in september it appeared, with several glowing green lights. then, now, on my way home in the evening of 2018.2.12, there were dozens of bright spots of white light and green light in the sky. when i got home, i saw one of them moving to the right! speed is not a plane! when i returned home, i went to the balcony and found that there were about a dozen bright spots! and in the middle of a flashing red and green light to the southwest line movement! usually we rest and we can't see the next morning. according to the previous situation, i estimated that they would stay for one night.

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Credit: MUFON

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