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Friday, February 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Niwot, Colorado on 1998-07-31 17:15:00 - Possible testing of predator drone proto-type sighting

at time of sighting, driving home to longmont, co from job site in eastern boulder, co. in passenger side roommate's car, windows down, radio on, driving north on n. 63rd st., between co st. hwy. 119 and nelson rd. to best of memory, day was hot, clear to sparse clouds, sun at approx. angle of 45 degrees off of horizon in ssw, and unknown wind conditions. while listening to radio and engaging conversation with driver/roommate, casually glanced around to observe general surroundings through passenger window. when glancing to east over ground fields, detected movement in sky by peripheral vision, little to ese of car's position. upon focusing attention, observed strange-looking object on somewhat similar course heading as car being traveled in, with the object seemingly on sse to nnw trajectory while in process of executing slight, gradual turn to its left, in a slight "banking" action. object had somewhat thin, elongated appearance, with "tapered" rear feature, and enlarged, somewhat "bulbous"-looking front. approx. mid-point object's "body", short, stubby "wings" were noted, but object's banking action maintained slight tilt downwards on side closest to car, and may have resulted in misread on actual size/shape of wings. toward tapered rear area, noticed pair of upright, "v"-shape positioned rear stabilizers of perceived rectangular shape. object was of light coloration, perceived as light-grey or grey-white, with no markings/letters/numbers observed, and no other external features noticed, such as windows, hatches, lights, etc. did not notice means of propulsion on object, such as noticeable engines, but any high-speed prop likely not noticed, due to side-viewing orientation, and no associated noise detected, over ambient radio and car road noises. when first noticed, object was at approx. angle of 65 degrees off of horizon, and was of a length similar to the diameter of a baseball held at arm length. object was estimated as approx. 25-30 ft. in length, and when first noticed, was estimated as approx. 200-300 ft. distant, at estimated altitude of approx. 300-400 ft. car traveled in proceeding approx. 45-50 m.P.H., object observed traveling along at leisurely pace little faster than car, estimated at approx. 60-70 m.P.H. initial personal thought to object identity, was some kind of weird-looking "cruise missile", although object's speed displayed not similar to such. object's speed/course caused it to pass over roadway being traveled little ahead of car, resulting in personal visual observation of object lost to my view after approx. 15-20 seconds, due to view blocked by car's roof, although driver/roommate thereafter acquired sighting of object on other side of car, and was able to keep under periodic observation while driving for another approx. 25-30 seconds, before lost to view. later examination of maps involving the sighting area, indicate trajectory of object likely resulted in performing quite low-level fly-over/fly-by of the area's noaa table mountain test facility. sketch available.

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Credit: MUFON

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