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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Alien Encounter in Varese, Lombardy on 1979-10-05 02:47:00 - Close encounter with 2 dwarfs entities - no craft, no ufo, no lights

Case 1 night between october 4 and 5 1979 (round 3am) close encounters of the third kind in viggiù (italy) by carlo pirola (member of cun - centro ufologico nazionale) in the early morning hours of october 5, 1979, mr. aldo natoli (38) waked up like every morning. he worked a dustman and street-sweeper in varese. at 3am he washed his face, got dressed and drank his usual coffee. round 3:20 am he left his house, trying not to slam the entrance door avoiding to wake his little daughter and his wife, still sleeping. then he walked out toward the garage where there was his motorbike, a vespa 50 motorcycle. once he reached the garage, he pushed his motorbike without switching it up to avoid any noise that could wake up his family members. he took a look around his garden and walked for few meters with his motorbike by his side until he arrived at the beginning of his private short road made of stones. he took from the pocket the rest of a cigarette he didn’t smoke the day before and put it on his lips and he started up his motorcycle. half way of his private road, between two pine trees, on the left side, he saw two dwarfs 70 or 80 centimeters if height. they looked like puppets and they hovered 20 centimeters from the soil. they were meager and very agitated, jumping here and there, floating in the air. and appeared to be colored in blue, their faces too. their face was skinny and human. their human eyes were staring at aldo and he could not figure out anything about their intentions. meanwhile he realized his motorcycle switched off even if front light was still on illuminating the little thin men. he tried to take couple of steps toward them but when he was about to touch them, they suddenly disappeared. he then went back inside to tell his experience to the rest of the family. his daughter and wife suggested him to notify everything to the police. he was not afraid but only curious to know who were those little entities in blue. (source: ufo revision -2017- by carlo pirola) case 2 night of june 1992 (round 4am) close encounters of the third kind in viggiù (italy) by carlo pirola (member of cun - centro ufologico nazionale) in the very heart of the night, in a country house in viggiù, near varese (northern italy), the natoli family is sleeping but, suddenly, everyone can hear a terrible shout coming from one of the bedrooms. the shout comes from the bedroom where mr. aldo natoli and his wife are sleeping. their only daughter runs to see what’s happening and she finds her dad sitting on the bed, pointing to the open window. he claims to be visited by two strange dwarfs (90 cm height), the same he encountered 13 years before in his short private road leading to his house in october 1979. (source: ufo revision -2017- by carlo pirola)

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Credit: MUFON

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