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Thursday, February 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pahrump, Nevada on 2018-01-31 10:45:00 - Ufo following unmarked jet. i wave at it, and it turns and comes to me.

While taking my dog out, i noticed a low flying jet coming from an unusual direction from the south and flying low towards either las vegas or the afb. it appeared like a smaller glowing craft was following behind the tail of the jet wavering back and forth. i felt compelled to wave at it being that i am silly at times and was excited at witnessing this event and was trying to get its attention. next thing i see is the craft making a 90 degree turn and descending towards me. i thought it would continue on, but is stopped about 500-800 feet above me and just hovered, glowing brightly and silent. as i watched it above me, i began to feel some concerns after about a minute. and then it started to ascend almost straight up, to a point that it looked like a bright star in the morning daylight. then grew dimmer and dimmer until it was no longer visible. what is precarious is that the jet that it was initially following was unmarked. perhaps a 707 or 727, white janice jet with an orange stripe perhaps flying out of area 51. this i am unsure of, as there is no way to tell where that jet was coming from or why it was being followed. i can say this in all honesty, that i was putting out very strong mental thoughts about wanting to see it closer, when to my astonishment, it made a 90 degree turn away from the jet and then started to head right towards me. as i said, it hovered above me glowing brightly, but i was able to see the surface of the craft through the glowing white light relatively easily. when it was hovering above me, it remained there for several minutes, but then i had thoughts starting to enter my head about becoming a laboratory specimen and began feeling uneasy, a few seconds after this thought entered my head, it started ascending until it was no longer visible. i don't know how to explain this, but i feel like i made a connection with an entity unknown to me. my only hopes at this point is for it to return or remember me. i don't know why, but its just the way i feel. i have always looked up at the stars in hopes of seeing a ufo, but i think all i ever really got to see were satellites or nothing that was ever remotely close to this. it was one of, if not, the most amazing experience i have ever encountered. i feel they left because they did not want to frighten me. i felt that there was a telepathic connection between it and myself, even if only for a few seconds. i feel that it was curious to see who it was that wanted to see them so badly, so it changed direction and headed directly towards me. i live in the desert on the edge of a small town, and there was nothing around that i know of that would have captured its interest, except myself and my emotional thoughts. i know, it makes no sense, but it happened just the same. thank you for letting me share this story with you..My life is renewed because now, i know for fact that we are not alone. thank you ron sarvas

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Credit: MUFON

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