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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Toronto, Ontario on 1995-03-03 00:00:00 - In restaurant i believe i waited on et wearing a 'human suit'. something like in mib when insectoid kills and wears victims skin.

Sometime between 1994 and 1996 while working as a waiter at kelsey's bar and grill in scarborough, on (restaurant was located at markham rd. and ellesmere ave. and is now closed), i believe that an et came into the restaurant with another humanoid. it was mid-afternoon and the lunch rush was finished. customers in the retaurant were few at the time. staff in the front of the restaurant consisted of myself, the bartender, and periodically the manager on-duty. two caucasian looking male customers entered the business and i greeted them just inside the entrance where the 'wait to be seated' sign was posted. i was immediately struck by one of the men as the appearance of his skin was odd. his skin appeared almost translucent-like, as if he were 'wearing a skin suit'. he was also quite tall - i estimate 6'4''. mostly bald. large build. there was nothing remarkable about the other individual with the 'strange person' i seated the men and was their waiter during the time they spent at kelsey's. their demeanour when ordering food and beverage, and in communicating with me was also strange. the unremarkable person ordered a meal and beverage normally if you will. this person also spoke to me only when placing his order. the person in question, the man in the skin suit if you will ordered in a strange manner. i still remember him ordering a hamburger, but it was as if he had never ordered a hamburger before. he was very concerned there would be no mayonaise on the hamburger. generally he came off as a weirdo per se. after having had several opportunities to stand within 1ft. of this skin suit wearing entity, i am convinced he was wearing a disguise to look human. at the time i was so convinced about my observations i mentioned it to the bartenter, and quite literally stated i thought the customer was an et wearing a skin suit. the customers were in the place about 45 minutes, paid cash, and left the premesis. i thought nothing of it for a time, and then the movie men in black was released in 1997. in the film an insectoid et kills a human, and then uses his skin as a disguise. the appearance of the character in the film.....Pale, sweaty, odd looking, strange mannerisms...........It reminded me very much of this encounter with the guy a couple of years prior. then in about 2005-2006 i was doing research on et's. at the time i was looking at a list of elleged species of et's, or a list of reported descriptions of et's. the list consisted of a artists sketch and a brief summary of the known knowledge on the species. and then there it was, a sketch of the man i encountered at the restaurant. a bald caucasion male with translucent like skin, odd looking. the description beside it spoke about little being known regarding the entity, and made a reference to a possible men in black connection (ironically enough). all i can say is the event/encounter has stuck with me my entire life. to this day i have never encountered another human that struck me like this entity did. i can tell you that is saying something, as i work as a paramedic in toronto. i have seen in my 16 year career all manner of illness and people looking 'not well', or freshly dead. not once did i think i wasin the presence of an et wearing a skin suit. please feel free to contact me if required. regards, jason hartle

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Credit: MUFON

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