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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Childersburg, Alabama on 1971-11-01 00:00:00 - Night time/sleeping abduction?

At time of incident, was sleeping within small, personal room of older mobile home residence in childersburg, al. younger brother and myself had engaged in halloween activities the evening prior, during which we had observed a strange, glowing object at a distance. had returned home, finished the night as usual, and went to sleep. head of the small bed within the room was situated farthest away from door, and had gone to sleep laying on my right side with back to the room's wall. some time during early a.M., for whatever reason, i suddenly snapped my eyes wide open and "popped awake", finding myself laying in same position as when went asleep. when i popped my eyes open, by the sparse ambient light within the room from neighborhood street lights entering through room's small window, i found myself staring into the quite close-proximity face of "someone" that had apparently crept up on me while asleep. i was very startled and alarmed by the vulnerable position found myself in, causing me to rapidly reclose & clench my eyes shut, after no more than 1 second of looking, and curling my body into a defensive position (fetal-like). from the brief view of the "person", it appeared to be approx. 3 1/2-4 ft. tall, and looked quite similar to a human "dwarf" with longish head & facial hairs, although with noticeably larger eyes and nose. the person appeared as an aged male with fairly weathered/wrinkled/creased face, and before closing my eyes tightly, it appeared as if the individual had a quite annoyed/irritated/angered expression to the face. was too dark to determine colors, and no associated noise or smell was detected throughout incident. not liking the front of my body towards a possible attacker, i began to ever so slowly twist over towards my left side, at a pace to hopefully not spur on any impending attack upon me, until had my back towards the person and me facing the wall. next conscious thought was to slowly waking up to early daybreak hours, looking into wood-grained pattern of wall, but found myself instead laying upon my right side again, with my head now closest toward room's door. explained away incident as "dream", or possibly as a "spook/ghost" pulling pranks, but remember that it caused enough residual confusion & apprehension in me, that it affected my concentration & schoolwork for a few days, thereafter.

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Credit: MUFON

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