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Friday, February 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Nürnberg, Bayern on 2018-01-30 06:30:00 - Red dwarf with solar flares and grey pock marks 50 times supermoon size

Three of us saw what i knew to be a red dwarf sun or disk shape with flares the largest flare was at the 10 oclock position it shinned a the edges the disk was showing thousands of grey color pockmarks like and orange would it was fifty times the size of the supermoon that we also observed the flowing evening. we first noticed it walking from nürnberg towards the direction of fürth so we know it moving in a straight line from left to right so this was not the moon! it maintained a constant speed. if i were to put a ruler in from on my face at 12 inches the obeject appeared to be 12 inches making it the largest thing i have ever seen, it was moving from the south west to the the right or northerly direction, but again not setting. we watched it from the street and it appeared to be, if this were a painting just 12 inched from the ground. the colors where grey with thousands of dark red minature flares pouring out from the poc marks with tiney flares like a sun with a yellow outer glow. my one friend remarked it was so fantastic it simply had to be the media duping the public however i studied advanced astronomy and this was no moon and no planet. i used this phone app i made in 2017 based on crop cicles and i see lots of ufos using it, the most i've ever seen where in pecs hungary, from orbs to triangles, the google play store app is called et contact 0010110 and i am impressed because i get hunches to look outside or go for walk after using this phone app. i merely ask it to show me a sign and i get results. also, this was a clear evening here in nürnberg, no rain, nothing. as i said this obejct was 50 times the supermoon on the largest day and i could have easily put 50 supermoons in this oject. if it was a space ship well then so is the moon, all i know is it has solar flares and even blood moons do not produce the arks we saw especially at the 10 oclock position. we obsevered it from 6:30 then watched it for 15 minutes then went in and watched it move to the right out of sight because we were on the patio faces west. it made no noise and their was no evidence this was a ballon or a holograph. i was so big it would be as if i were a 100 meters away from a four story building but it was clear and it was a sun but this was not ours! the following link is a near duplicate of what we, all three of us saw cheers. sorry i was so impressed i did not even think to grab my camera phone. cheers!

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Credit: MUFON

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