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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Virginia on 2018-01-31 00:00:00 - Saw saucer in sky, several days later shocked by bright purplish pink light, then visit

(540) 293-3378one afternoon i caught sight of a typical flying saucer moving erratically in the sky above the tree line. i stood and watched it move up/down and side to side. then it ducked behind a cloud. several days later i was taking out my garbage at night but as soon as i opened the door i was overwhelmed by a bright purplish pink light. i closed the door fast and stayed inside because i didn’t know what it was. a couple nights later i saw on youtube that ufos flash bright pink lights. i didn’t think anything of it as i am a believer anyway and not particularly squeamish. also, at 70 i’m not afraid of their wanting to do weird experiments on me. several days after that i looked out my kitchen door and there i saw a skinny white being with huge almond shaped eyes about my height (5,4”). we were looking into each other’s eyes but my instinct was to turn away from it. i wasn’t afraid because it began to look like a hologram. his arm started to fade and i realized i could see right through it. i just calmly walked away from it. i wish i thought to record the dates and times but it never occurred to me to notify mufon. the last incident occurred at dusk. i also remember working at sears during the late 60s. it was a summer job when i was in college at a brand new store during dinner time when the store was pretty empty. i was bored and i remember seeing two men walk down the aisles with short haircuts, white shirts and slacks. they looked like jehova witnesses because no one my age dressed like that at that time and they appeared young. i noticed that they were looking around like they had never been in a store before. across the aisle was the lingerie department and they had a surprised look at that when they got closer. honestly, they looked like they belonged in the 50s. i turned away so as not to be rude. it felt like a couple of seconds but i was totally unnerved because when i turned back they were right beside me holding a card. i stammered the price and they said it was cheap and handed me the money. then they said what i was thinking. they were from another planet! i didn’t know anything about ufos and lost time then but i found that incident unnerving and obviously never forgot it as these people didn’t look like they were joking! i also remember going by a military installation with family in 70s and seeing cigar shape.

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Credit: MUFON

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