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Sunday, February 4, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Menlo Park, California on 1978-08-15 00:00:00 - Prisim shap with 2 globes on each end & on 2 sides, large louvre vent on 1 side

It was summer, full moon, i was sleeping with the widow open and awoke 3 am, looked out the window and saw in the nw distance a tiny red light, i asked myself what was that? whereby it immediately grew and was hovering outside making a humming noise. i got out of bed and looked out the window, it was about the size of a buss and was churning, rotating, buzzing... also seemed to be in distress, as though there were objects tumbling inside it. my thought at the time was i hope they were alright, i knew it was an alien craft because behind the red domes there seemed to be humanoid beings. as an artist i drew the craft which at the time made me recall seeing it in the distance when i were 7 years old on my way to camp in penn. from my seat inside the train. the craft was low and rose to just about 5-6 ft. above the roofs of neighboring buildings as it drifted away in a ne direction. in 1991-92 i received an implant on my right leg above my ankle, circular, ocular while living in brooklyn, i knew it was an implant which i surmised was inserted for communication, and subsequently asked a telepathic question: rb:what is your name? x: "enon" rb: what does it mean? x: "bright star" as an artist, i naturally created a cartoon called "enon" to honor he/she. the voice was soft, gentile, feminine, yet masculine. i have incorporated two illustrations of the craft into various artwork after that event in natural surroundings, not urban. the pyramid illustration was a pineal gland vision which was inviting me to enter as similar to a virtual reality dimension. i declined. more to tell, i.E.: pineal gland visions, a new implant on my left leg 3 weeks ago (also on a full moon), etc. which i have included with this document. robert barto

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Credit: MUFON

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